Diary of a Dream House – Part 3: Determining a Budget

Determine a Budget

How do you determine the budget when you are building an entire home from scratch? Well, here are some tips to get you started. Let’s Start with What NOT to do. The excitement of building a home of your dreams is something I wish everyone could experience.  The thought of knowing you can create it…

Beer Barrel Bar Question

Beer Barrel Bar

Here’s a perfect opportunity for all of you creative folk to help out a fan who is stumped. Konnie has this Beer Barrel Bar that belonged to her husband’s parents from a bar that they owned, and Konnie’s father refurbished it for them, so both Konnie and her husband have sentimental feelings towards it. Konnie…

Watermelon Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Watermelon Salad

Reflections of a Recipe Collector I’m a person that believes a ripe watermelon may be a perfect food that doesn’t need to be tampered with. And I’ve been happily eating watermelon in its natural state for many years. So I’m not sure why I was tempted by this recipe, but I am sure glad I…

How to Organize Household Documents

Document Organization

Do you have a central location where you store your household documents? If your answer to this is “no”, then what do you do if you have an emergency? If your freezer begins leaking, you find water in your basement, or you hit an unknown button that locks your cable on the HDMI channel, you’ll immediately begin…

The Four Basic Principles of Home Organization

Clutter Free Closet

I truly believe it is possible for everyone to have an organized home. If you’re a typical American, your closets and garages are packed to the ceiling. It happens to most of us!  No matter your situation or personality, you can have an organized, uncluttered home. Home organization works best when divided into small projects. Start with…

Diary of a Dream House – Part 2: Selecting a Builder

Dream House 2 Construction

When it comes to selecting a builder, gosh what could be more important?  Use these tips to select the guy or gal who is going to make your dream a reality. Remember, you are going to spend many hours with this person and you want to have a great working relationship and a comfort level…

Bacon and Potato Frittata is a Meal

Frittata 2

Reflections of a Recipe Collector I feel as though I should begin with a disclaimer: I have 6 chickens, so I watch for recipes that use large amounts of eggs occasionally.  I had an abundance this week that needed to be used, so this frittata seemed like a good recipe to try. We’ll talk about…

Diary of a Dream House – Part 1: Purchasing the Land

Dream House 1 The Property

As an interior designer, I have always wanted to plan a house from start to finish; certainly for the experience, but also as a test of my accumulated knowledge and skills. Can I build a house that functions perfectly for my family, projects the essence of who we are, and stay within budget? I sort…

Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

Use Rollers When Moving

You’ve packed your Moving Day box, right? Well if not, you need to read these moving day tips! Moving tips need to start at the current house and then “move” to the new house, so here goes… Packing the boxes! * Don’t over pack boxes.  It’s better for your health to take more trips and…

5 Ways to Brighten a Room with Little Natural Light

Brighten a Room with Color

If you are living in a home with little natural light, you are probably looking for ways to brighten a room or two, short of putting in bigger windows. Well, we have 5 ideas that can help you to maximize the natural lighting you do have to brighten a room, or all your rooms! 1….