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Hi Matt and Shari

I wanted to tell you that I am VERY happy with the results I am having from advertising with you. I have added over 100 subscribers to my newsletter list & last month, I received over $300 in on-line business that I know was a result of your site. I know this will only continue to grow!

Chris Fetter – Tupperware

Put your valuable advertising dollars in the most trusted decorating duo in television history Matt Fox and Shari Hiller. Our website is built around 7 categories which include decorating, sewing, crafts, shop projects, holidays, kids & family and food! The information in these categories grows each month as we add 15 to 20 new videos, project sheets, articles and recipes.

Join us now for only $100.00 per month and you too can be a part of this winning team. To Learn more contact us via our contact page.

* You will choose the appropriate category for your ad. Matt and Shari will put your ad in additional categories at their discretion to give your ad more exposure.

* Each Right Category Side Bar ad is 300 x 250 pixels in size.

* All sponsors may provide a collection of ARTICLES OF YOUR OWN, highlighting mutually agreed upon topics in your area of expertise. These articles will debut for one month on the main home page and then will be listed in the table of contents in the category(ies) you’re ad is placed and will also have a link to your website. Creating articles is as simple as writing a word document and supplying article photos. The article Big Energy Saver- Insulated Siding is a great example of a sponsor’s article that was created for the around the house category.

* All ads and articles link back to your site.

* Your article will also be featured in one of our monthly newsletters that are currently being sent to over 9000 subscribers and the list keeps growing.

* Maximum exposure is through a Home Page Banner ad on the Home Page on the site. This key position recieves maximum views as it appears immediately below our monthly rotating photo gallery. This exclusive Home Page Banner is available for $300.00 per month.

Begin realizing the benefits of associating with America’s premier home decorating team today. Contact us for more information.

We are currently spokespeople for Choose Insulated Siding, promoting the product through home show appearances, radio and television interviews, newspaper articles and social media networks. Visit their website, where we host and guide the consumer through the benefits of Insulated Siding.

Matt and Shari have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of interior design. Through those years, the two of them have tried and used thousands of products for the home. As with anything, some products stand out. They are easy to use, they do the job they were intended for, and they are priced to reflect their quality and value. These are the products Matt and Shari are eager to promote.

Even without a formal endorsement relationship, Shari and Matt promote products they love. They want to pass the good word along about these special products to everyone they come in contact with. So if you happen if you are interested in discussing the possibilities, contact us. We would love to work with you to promote your good quality and great value!




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