ATH Season One


Show 101: “The Basics”

Show 101

Matt and Shari tackle the basics of decorating and home projects. They start with a basic lesson in decorating styles and how to discern what your own style might be. Then, Matt shows how to build your own work bench. Last, it’s on to four different no sew window coverings with lots of extras at the end of the show like a homemade vegetable soup recipe and fabric letters for kids!

How to Build an Easy Workbench for Your Shop

What Style Am I and Is It Important?

Easy to Make No-Sew Flat Panel Drapery

Everyone Needs a Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipe

Kid’s Foam Letters to Hang on Their Walls


Show 102: “Color Our World”

Show 102

If it “colors our world,” Matt and Shari are talking about it today. Shari discusses the basics of color theory to help you when selecting color for your home interior. Then, Matt and Shari discuss paint basics along with tips and tricks for painting. Last, they’ll teach the basics of creating floral arrangements which adds color to your home at the same time!

Know the Tools of the Trade: Painting Tools

Start Here for an Introduction to the World of Color

Learn the Secrets of Flower Arranging

Create Your Personal Paint Fan Deck

Make a Felt and Foam Kid’s Chess Board


Show 103: “Bedroom Inspirations”

Show 103

In this show, Shari teaches an easy way to decorate your bedroom or any room in your home by using an inspiration piece. Matt and Shari show how to create the bedroom of your dreams starting with a discussion of all the pieces parts it takes to really dress a bed. Then, Matt and Shari demonstrate how to create a custom designed closet organizer.

Inspiration for Shari’s Studio

Learn All About the Pieces Needed to Dress a Bed

Closet Organizaton Systems from Start to Finish

The Secret to Decorating is the Inspiration Piece

Make Recycled Cereal Box Book Holders

Sew a Convenient Kid’s Bed Book Pocket

Make the Famous Egg “McMama” at Home


Show 104: “It’s a Wrap”

Show 104

Things that wrap around other things! Matt and Shari walk viewersthrough a brief history of home styles explaining the different looks and details. Then, Matt discusses insulating or wrapping your home to make it more energy efficient. Then, Shari shows how easy it is to make a new cover for (or wrap) an old pillow!

How Do I Determine My Exterior Style?

Save Big by Insulating Your Home

It’s Smart to Know About Garage Door Insulation

The Perfect Easy Pillow Cover for Beginners

Make Vegetarian Wraps with Your Favorite Ingredients

Easy To Tie Double Sided Fleece Blanket


Show 105: “Function First”

Show 105

Function comes first on today’s show. Matt and Shari teach how to draw floor plans so your rooms function well for you. Next, Matt shows ways to keep the garage functioning. Shari creates a cool ribbon message board to keep you organized at home or in the office and we end on a couple of great books for kids to keep those young minds sharp!

How to Decorate Step 4: Floor Planning

Do You Know About Your Garage Door Maintenance?

Snap Together Tiles Make a Nice Garage Floor

Make a Pocketed Ribbon Message Board

Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Kids

Have You Heard About the Dirty Dozen in Produce?


Show 106: “Bright Ideas”

Show 106

This show focuses on how to have just the right lighting for your home. Matt and Shari discuss the three different kinds of lighting and answer the most common lighting questions. Then, Matt shows how to install motion sensors. Another bright idea is adding wall decals to your room to create interest or bring a theme home and we’ll show you how to do it.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Home Lighting

It’s Easy to Install a Motion-Sensor Switch

Add Style and Interest with Wall Decals

Single Stone Decal on the Set of ATH!

Alternative Lighting – No Ordinary Table Lamp


Show 107: “All About Accessories”

Show 107

The topic is accessorizing. The discussion starts with the best half dozen accessories to use. Then Matt makes a removable tile backsplash. Shari demonstrates how accessories of all shapes and sizes can be put together or “displayed” to make them stand out and make a statement.

One Day Back Splash Tiling Project for Your Kitchen

Can You Guess the 6 Best Accessories?

3 Rules for Arranging Groups of Accessories

Learn the Sewing Machine Making a Floor Pillow

Ribbon Top Boxes as Accessories or Gifts

Creamy, Cheesy, Bacon Dip for Potatoes

Matt’s Blazin’ Chip Dip is as Hot as You Like

Tasty Homemade Salsa for Your Mexican Fiesta

Homemade Guacamole is Easier Than You Think


Show 108: “A Colorful Exterior”

Show 108

Color is not just for inside your home. Matt and Shari show viewers how to bring color to the outside as well. The first project is a floor cloth to brighten a front porch, deck, or patio. Then, Matt shows how to build a dog house. Count on Shari to offer practical suggestions for choosing exterior colors for a roof, siding, trim, windows, garage doors, front doors, and accessories.

Follow These Steps to Choose Exterior House Colors

Use Only One Wreath Base for All Four Seasons

A Hand Painted Floor Cloth is Art for Your Floors

Kids Can Make Painted Rocks for Gifts


Show 109: “Reuse, Restore, Recycle”

Show 109

Get a rewarding feeling by fixing something old up to look new again or find a new way to use something that may have been tossed out. Matt and Shari have great suggests for a recycling party. Then, Matt offers a recycling cart project and Shari uses recycled fabric for a single square framed quilt block.

Trash Day is Easier with a Rolling Recycling Cart

Sew Just One Favorite Quilt Block and Frame It

Use Frayed Flowers to Embellish Everything

Make One Dinner – Get Three Meals – Save Time and Money

Host a Recycling Party and Discover Treasures

Display Your Pretty Buttons with This Button Craft

3 Ways to Use Handkerchiefs in Your Home Decor


Show 110: “Reuse, Restore, Recycle”

Show 110

Start the weekend with a seasonal centerpiece that the whole family can help make. Next, Matt shows how to keep your floors and carpets bright and clean while Shari has some really quick no sew placemats and napkins. What would the weekend be without pizza and a fun craft project made to celebrate the seasons.

No-Sew Fringed Placemats and Plaid Napkins

Fill These Decorative Table Trays for the Season

How to Care for Your Area Rugs

Best Ideas for Cleaning and Care of Tile Floors

Decorate a Felt Banner for the Holidays

Teach Your Kids to Make Homemade Pizza


Show 111: “Adding Embelishments”

Show 111

Embellishing items around your home is an inexpensive and fun way to make “one of a kind” decorative accents. Matt and Shari start out having fun making a ribbon tassel. Then, Matt works in the garage at a gift wrapping station. Shari shows how to give a plain set of drapes some pizzazz by adding embellishments of trim, beading, fringe, ruffles and more.

Create Colorful Ribbon Tassels with Beaded Tops

Embellishments Add Unique Flair to Your Home

Embellish Glass Serving Pieces for Parties or Gifts

Every Gift Giver’s Dream – A Gift Wrapping Station

Kid’s Contrasting Stars T-Shirt to Sew

Kids Can Design Their Own Colorful T-Shirts

Kid’s Flag T-Shirt from Rick Rack and Ribbon

Kid’s Fireworks T-Shirt to Embroider


Show 112: “Exterior Details”

Show 112

Today’s show concentrates on exterior details with a discussion of shutters, window boxes, door knobs, and lighting. Then, Matt has a cool ladder platform project for those tricky high spots both in and outside your home. They’ll be painting and decorating clay pots to add color to a home exterior.

Build a Ladder Platform to Use on Stairs

Don’t Forget to Add Exterior Details to Your Home

Use Paint to Dress Up Your Clay Pots


Show 113: “Wonderful Walls”

Show 113

This show offers some great ideas for creating inexpensive and attractive wall art using fabric, calendars, scrapbook papers and your computer. Matt demonstrates tongue and groove paneling and together Matt and Shari demonstrate various painting techniques to create texture and pattern in your home.

Waldorf Salad Has All the Fruits of Fall

Dress Up Your Yearly Calandar with a Frame

Create Art Out of Calendar Photos and More

Everyone Can Make a Painting for Their Home

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