Create Colorful Ribbon Tassels with Beaded Tops


Tassels are a fun accessory to add to lamps, dresser drawer knobs, armoires, etc., but they can be so expensive. Solve that by making them yourself!

Many years ago, when we were just getting started in television, Matt and I did a segment called Coffee Break Crafts.  Basically, the segment was about me teaching Matt how to make a craft.  Well one of the most memorable was making tassels.

It was a tassel made out of embroidery floss and we were wrapping the floss around a piece of cardboard that was cut with a deep “V” in it.  The “V” allowed us to wrap enough floss in the opposite direction around the threads, about an inch down to create the small loop at the top and the longer threads towards the bottom to create the look of a tassel.

To make a long story short, I’m explaining how to do it, Matt is trying to follow along, I can see the crew laughing, and I looked over at what Matt was doing and he had his fingers wrapped so tightly in the floss that he bent the cardboard and was basically stuck there!

Well we all got a laugh out of it and I learned never to turn my back on him!

But, the idea of making tassels as embellishments is still a great idea.  It’s fun to add decorative elements to things around the house to give them a little more personality then how you purchased them!  For instance, a tassel is a perfect addition to a dresser knob, a lamp switch, a drapery tie back, a pillow and the list goes on.

So let’s take a look at how to make a different type of tassel, one made out of ribbon. Start by choosing an assortment of ribbons that co-ordinate with your décor.  You’ll need 2 spools of about 5 different ribbons. Then, check out the materials list before you get started.


Materials List:

  • 2 spools of 5 different ribbons
  • Wooden candle cup
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft wire
  • Jewelry beads
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors



1.Cut the ribbon lengths to 14” long.  Cut as many as you need to make the tassel as full as you desire.  Then, hold them all together and fold them in half.


2. Craft wire works nicely to hold the ribbons together.  Just wrap the wire around the ribbons as tightly as you can and leave a long trailing piece of wire.  This will become the beaded handle of the tassel.


3. Before inserting the ribbons into the wooden candle cup, paint it in a craft paint color that matches some of the ribbons.


4. Then thread the wire up and into the wooden candle cup and bring it out the hole at the very top.


5. Now gather some beads and create a beaded pattern on the wire.  I like to start with one larger bead then add smaller beads to make the pattern.

With the popularity of jewelry making today, all sorts of interesting colors, shapes and bead styles are available.

Once all the beads are on the wire, bend the wire into a loop and judge how much you will need to push it through the first large bead and into the wooden top.  Then, cut off the wire in that location and feed it through. Once it’s through, twist the beaded loop to twist the wires and lock the loop in place.


And voila – your first ribbon tassel is ready to go out into your home and embellish something!


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