Quickly Create this Stunning Orchid Centerpiece


Orchids are beautiful stems full of exotic flowers and you can submerge them in a tall vase of water for a special effect.

I received a beautiful orchid for Mother’s Day this year and it reminded me of a project that Matt and I did with orchids that was just stunning. You might be able to see from the photo that the accent colors we were using in this particular room were spring green and lavendar. We chose our orchid colors accordingly.  It turned out so well, I thought I’d share it with you.  You can put it together in minutes if you already have the materials.  

Materials List:

  • Tall cylindrical vase
  • 2 cymbidium orchids
  • 1 plant frog
  • Gardening sheers
  • Green thread
  • Water


1. Fill the vase half way full of water.

2. Cut the stem of one orchid about 1” from the bottom of the last flower.  This will be the bottom portion of the long continual stem of flowers.

3. Tie the cut stem to the bottom of the other stem using the green thread so it looks like one continuous stem of flowers.

4. Push both orchid stems into plant frog and lower into vase.

5. Fill remainder of vase with water until all orchids are submerged.

Notice that we added a side accessory to the arrangement with the silver tray of green moss covered spheres and a few flowers from the orchid stems.  It’s true that this arrangement doesn’t last too long, but what a show stopper for a special party or family event!


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