Use Only One Wreath Base for All Four Seasons

Grapevine Wreath -

No need for four different wreaths when one wreath base can be reaccessorized each season.

Sometimes it takes a dilemma for me to come up with a new idea.  So, here was my dilemma.  I have a double front door and that means two wreaths for every season or holiday and I have just run out of room!  I try to preserve my wreaths in those plastic wreath containers and I have a tower of them in my garage.  Well, I started thinking that there must be a way to control this a bit and sure enough, I thought of something!

I decided I would attempt to purchase just two wreaths.  They would be either grapevine, or evergreen or straw, and then I would simply change out the accessories on them for each season or holiday.  So here’s how it worked – I bought two grapevine wreaths because I thought it might be easier to attach greens and flowers and ribbons to the vines.



Then, I gathered up items I wanted to use for each of the four seasons.  For Spring I collected an ivy garland, a few leafy sprays in a bright spring green, a bird and a nest and several ribbons to try.



You may be able to see the ivy here again for summer, but this time it’s teamed up with white daisies.  I found quite a number of ribbons that were possibilities for the patriotic holidays that are throughout the summer and even a small metal heart with the red, white and blue of the flag on it.



Wow, you can tell right away that this grouping is for fall!  I just love these warm colors.  So here, I am trading out the ivy garland for one with fall leaves and berries.  I selected a couple of autumn picks which are little groupings of three items like the gourd, a leaf and a twist of grapevine and they are all attached to a stem that can easily be poked into the grapevine wreath and either left as is or wired in.  I also found a pretty autumn ribbon as well.  



The ivy returns for winter but it is broken up by the addition of bright red berries and some sort of red bow!


To attach the ivy garland for winter, spring, and summer, I pushed one end into the tangle of grapevines.


Then as I wrapped the ivy garland around the wreath I used florist’s wire to hold it in place.  I think I attached it in about four places.


When it’s attached and tucked in here and there, the ivy looks really nice against the brown grapevine.  I like seeing the two textures work together because they do make the wreath that much more interesting.  Now, it’s just a matter of adding what is necessary for each season.


For the winter wreath, the red berries were perfect for their color and contrast.  To attach them I simply weaved them in between the vines and bent their wire stems around a vine to hold them in place.  Remember, we want to avoid hot glue because we want to change everything over to spring in just a few months!


I chose the red ribbon with the green edging because I liked the fact that the green edging added an outline to each loop of the bow and made it stand out even more.  If you’d like to learn how to make a bow like this, check out my article on How to Make a Bow!


The finished winter wreath came together very easily and with two of them next to each other on my front doors, they are really going to make a statement!


As spring approaches, the berries and red ribbon are removed and I start inserting bright spring green leaf sprays.  These also have wire stems and can be twisted around the grapevines but many times just really pushing them into the tangle of vines will be enough to hold them in place.


I did have to attach my little bird friend to the nest with some hot glue but of course I’m always going to want him there anyway.  Once he was secure, I used the green florists wire up and through the bottom of the nest and then back out again the wrap in the grapevines to hold it in place.


The addition of the yellow bow really brightens up my spring wreath.  You may notice, too, that I placed the bow at the bottom left of the wreath with the next right next to it for spring.  I changed it from the center top position that it held for Winter, just change things up and give it a fresh new look.


Isuppose I could have kept the bright green leaves in for summer, but I loved the stark contrast between the dark ivy leaves and the bright white daisies.  I cut the daisies off their stems long enough to wrap the wire stem that was left around some of the grapevine to hold them in place.


I chose the lavender gingham check ribbon for summer and I didn’t add any trailing ribbons to this bow.  It is at the bottom of the wreath with the daisies surrounding it but it still looks quite different from spring.


My summer wreath has an alternate design because of all the patriotic holidays that flow through the summer.  So, I replace the bow and add the heart shaped flag for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  It only takes a few minutes and I have a complete change!


My autumn wreath is the one that really looks different.  As you saw from the color palette, it just naturally stands out from the others.  The berries and autumn leaves were a garland as well and went on in just the same fashion as the ivy with a couple twists of green floral wire.


I took the floral picks of autumn items and tucked them in and among the grapevines.  They were in so securely I didn’t have to add any wire.


I tried a little different style bow with this one to mix things up a bit.  This one worked out quite nicely because there wasn’t as much room left at the bottom with the autumn gourd and sunflower!


So there you have it, my solution to too many wreaths!  Please use this as inspiration to make unique creations of your own.  Move the bows around, change out the garlands, and just have fun with it!

The best part of it all is I can store all of the off season accessories in one plastic bin.  It’s an idea that has saved an incredible amount of space in my garage.  My husband will be so happy!!


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