Can You Guess the Six Best Accessories?

Accessories tell a story about you, so what items would you choose to add to your rooms that tell the world, or at least anyone who visits you, who you are?

The topic of accessorizing is huge.  We can talk about artwork, pillows, area rugs, books, baskets, boxes, floral arrangements, and the list goes on and on. So, I’m narrowing things down a bit and starting with what I feel are perhaps a half dozen of the best accessories.  They are the best because they go a long way to help make your house become a home.  And shouldn’t your home be a showcase of who you really are?  Well, accessories can help define you because they bring in your own personality, they have meaning, and they create impact…yet they don’t have to be expensive.


Here we go, drum roll please! Great accessory number 1 is family photos.

I don’t mean one family group photo and you’re done.  I mean make something out of it. How about an entire wall – maybe a hallway- full of large framed family events – or, catch your kids when they aren’t looking a snap something totally spontaneous – something that is a slice out of their life.  Try printing them all in black and white to tie all of them together.  Or, install some narrow wall shelves with a little lip on them so you can either sit  the frame on the shelf, or hang it on the wall between shelves.  This is also a great look and very high impact.  But, impact with meaning – and that’s very important.


The second of 6 great accessories is a large piece of art.

Something you love! Don’t worry if it matches your furniture, your artwork needs to tell about you.  Plus, large pieces of art are great because large automatically has impact.  If you really love it, you can talk to people about it and tell them why you chose it, why it is hanging there and it becomes a conversation piece because there is a story behind it.


Now we are on to number three which is fresh flowers.

I know, that you know, that this doesn’t have to be expensive because you can get a bunch of flowers at the grocery store for a couple dollars and that’s at least a start. I’m not suggesting that you have them around 365 days a year, but on occasions when you are having guests or just to freshen things up a bit for yourself, grab not 1, but several bunches so you can really make up a nice vase of flowers. Remember, they have the added benefit of giving off a nice aroma as well and that is always nice.

1sixacc4Best accessory number four? Books!

I love books, and I think most people have some sort of affinity towards them. We remember them as children and all the joy they brought.  And there are all sorts of collections of books.  Matt has a huge collection of novels and I have a great collection of children’s books.  There are also coffee table books to collect.  I remember being at an event in Sarasota one time where the host family had their entire  coffee table covered in stacks of books.  It was wonderful to sit there and look through what they had, enjoying the photos and reading some quotes.  It too became a conversation piece and again, wouldn’t have to be all that expensive.


Books look great on a table as display, in bookshelves where I’ve seen them both forwards and jumbled, forwards and covered in fabric or paper to look the same, and also pushed into the shelves backwards so all the paper ends showed. Books can be used to lift a lamp up a bit to make it the right height, or to give more prominence to a photo on a stand.  They can be used simply stacked next to a chair or left open on the bed with a pair of glasses purely as an accessory.


Best accessory number five – how about a collection?

If you have enough of one thing, it is sure to make an impact if you have it displayed right. Just imagine these marbles in tall thin glass containers lined up on a shelf or sofa table.  They’d be colorful, fun and dramatic!  Collections say so much about you.  It lets people know what interests you or what you are passionate about.  These are types of accessories that can lead to interesting conversations on how they were collected, which ones have special meaning and how the most economical one is your favorite!


And last,number six, we have pillows. 

Pillows add color and pattern to a room.  A neutral room can be completely changed by swapping out the pillows! And here’s a quick pillow tip, they are so simple to sew, even if you just sew pillow covers.  Just buy a certain number of pillow forms in the size you need and create different pillow covers for them for the seasons, the holidays, or just because you want a change!

Of course, like I said from the beginning, there are hundreds of accessories that we could talk about – and you know me, one of these days we will!  Just remember when you are putting your home together, don’t forget to add the finishing touches.  They are the one thing that sets your home apart from looking like a beautifully designed hotel!


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