10 Things in Your Home to Throw Away Now!

I mean it, these things have to go right now! You know it too, you just don’t see them anymore!

They are items around your home that you and I both have gotten so accustomed to we don’t even notice them anymore. You can discover them by simply walking into your home as if you were a stranger and take it in like you’ve never seen the inside of your home before.  I pretend I’m looking at my house to buy it and I take note of what it is that I notice that I don’t especially like. Then, there are a couple just plain commom sense things too. So grab a garbage bag or recycle bin and let’s go!

1. If you have any furniture in your home that you are afraid to actually use….give it away…donate it…or better yet – USE IT!! Because really, what’s the point?

Don't Use Matching Sofa Pillows - MattandShari.com

2. Throw away any pillows that you have that MATCH your sofa or chairs.  Matching pillows blend in and are useless.  Go find something fun and creative!

3. Gather up all your family photos and, except the dear ones of cherished family, get some new current ones in those frames to freshen up your collection.  You aren’t 20 anymore!

4. Throw away your old bathroom rug and buy a real rug, like one you might put in your entry, and put it in your bathroom.  I’ve done it for years and they hold up just fine!

5. Throw away old light switches and change them out for dimmers.  This will make an amazing difference in the ambiance of your home in the evening.

Select Bath Towels in a Color Range - MattandShari.com

6. Throw away any ratty old bathroom towels and replace the ones you get rid of with towels in similar tones to the ones you have.  The slight variance in color is more interesting and actually easier than trying to match the old ones.

7. Throw away old stained or torn lamp shades and replace them with a colored silk shade or something embellished to really liven up your spaces.

8. Throw out old grimy cabinet pulls and add brand new ones that will change the entire appearance of your kitchen or bath.

9. Enough already with your old stereo equipment from college…get with the times, an iPod and dock are all the sound you need!

kidsclothes1210. Throw away or recycle your wire hangers.  Sturdy plastic or wood hangers aren’t that expensive and they will keep your clothes hanging neater and your closet will look like a million bucks!

Now that’s just the beginning.  Go ahead, keep looking around your home as if you were a stranger and see your belongings a little differently.  There may be all sorts of things you can throw away, donate, hand down, or refurbish!



  1. Karen Peiffer says

    I love our idea about changing the towels to similar tones rather than trying to match new towels to old. They ARE more interesting that way and this is something I never would have thought of.

  2. Ane says

    Old mini blinds. I think most people forget they have them up, especially if they are behind sheers or curtains. Whether plastic or metal they collect dust like a magnet. The plastic ones chip and break on the ends and the metal ones warp and bend….especially if you have kids or cats.

    Wooden slat blinds just look better, I think. If they are out of budget you can buy faux wood, I have Better Homes and Gardens brand from Walmart (the online reviews are almost all five stars) that are 2″ wide and room darken. They were only $24 for a 31×64 size (the normal size of most windows, I think) and hang inside the frame. Like other blinds they can be shortened easily—just remove the buttons on the bottom, untie the knots, remove the slats to the length you want, re-tie and replace the buttons.

    Thanks for the article!


    • Shari Hiller says

      Ane! I LOVE your suggestion. I want to add it to the article and credit you! Thank you for the in depth explanation!

  3. Michelle says

    When we were selling our first home, I took pictures of the interior thinking that my home had never looked better. Boy, was I shocked when I actually looked at those pictures! While I thought I had staged the home nicely, the pictures told me another story: my home was cluttered, dated, and just plain BLAH. Using those pictures as inspiration to make a change, I decluttered our home and updated some of the accessories with purchases I knew I would want in my new home. My home sold within days after I made the change! Just like Shari looks at her house as a potential buyer seeing it for the first time, I look at my home through pictures to give me a different perspective. :)

    • Shari Hiller says

      Michelle, isn’t it amazing what you see when you look at your things as an outsider?! You know, the same thing happened to me recently while trying to sell my house. I don’t care how talented you are at design, there are going to be areas that you are just not happy with…hmm, showing tomorrow, maybe I’ll declutter tonight!

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