4 Must Haves for a Beautiful Bathroom

Two of these four make the bathroom function well too, like plenty of counter space and storage.  It’s the design statement and accessories that make it beautiful!

Bathrooms are certainly worth talking about when it comes to decorating because we do spend plenty of our time in them.  And, it’s important to get them done right.  They are rooms that need to function well for us and they should look beautiful at the same time.

Of course, like most things, people have differences of opinion as to what is the most important aspect of a bathroom. I think a lot of people will agree that counter space is very important since we have so many things we want to set on the counter while we are getting ready.


Matt, on the other hand, like many others  prefers things put away and he always suggests that a wall cabinet or wall shelf is good storage for a bathroom.  In fact, this is one that he made for this particular episode and I think it turned out really well.


These are the pieces he used to make it.  The sides and shelves are 1 by 4’s, with the corner cut off on the bottom edge of the sides as a design detail.  The top is a 1 by 5.


The front edge detail is also a 1 by4 with a gentle curve as another design detail.


The curve is made by bending a metal yardstick and tracing along the curve.  Cut it out with a jigsaw.


The back of the wall shelf is bead board and it goes together in strips.

So we’ve determined that counter space and good storage go hand in hand to make the perfect bathroom.  But there should be more to it than that.  Like I mentioned, we spend a lot of time in these little rooms, and they should be attractive too.

A nice shower curtain that adds some color or sets the tone for the room is a good idea – in fact, often, the shower curtain is the inspiration piece for a well designed and attractive bathroom.


Here’s an example where this sea coral inspired bathroom gets a lot of its style from the design and colors in the shower curtain.  The wallpaper picks up the main colors and the towels and accessories bring the theme to life.


In this bathroom, a plain shower curtain is a nice foil for the fishing lure wallpaper.  It stays basic and blends nicely into the background of the paper.  A wood vanity and mirror and towels in colored neutrals fish off the look.


Even though the artwork was the inspiration for this bathroom, the shower curtain plays a big role.  Its strong neutral design adds panache and a youthful point of view.

Last, we need accessories in the bathroom too, you know, pretty paper cans, tissue boxes, towels, bath mats…this is usually where Matt would butt in to cut me off which I think he thinks will keep me from buying things…men, they just don’t get it!

Let’s recap; to get a beautiful and functional bathroom you need to make sure you first have the storage you need whether it is enough counter space or wall shelving.  Next, you want it to reflect your personality and have colors and patterns that make you feel good.  Find a shower curtain to use as inspiration and that will be a good start.  Last, accessorize with both functional and decorative items to help support your needs and the theme you are creating.

That doesn’t sound too tough does it?  Just remember, it’s a good place to start because it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house!


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