Update Your Family Room – 6 Useful Tips

There’s a chance that if you update your family room, you could bring your family closer together!

Family Room Decorating TipsFamily rooms are the perfect place for a busy family to meet at the end of the day or on the weekends to spend time together.  Usually there’s plenty of comfortable seating, sometimes a fireplace and almost always a television – what more could you want?

Well, even though we have our family rooms equipped for what most would think are the elements that bring a family together, for some reason that doesn’t always happen.  And, I have to say I have a similar situation at my house.  My family comes home, they go directly to their bedrooms or offices to finish up their work for the day, I see them for dinner and then they all go back to their rooms.

So, I’ve been noodling this problem for a while and I think that maybe family rooms today need to be more interactive and interesting.  They aren’t really used for families to just gather and chat anymore.


The fact is, computers are one of the things drawing people away from the family room.  I know my husband’s is in his office and he’s always busy in there working or online checking sports scores or the news and of course today a lot of homework is done on the computer.  You know, instead of fighting it, maybe we should bring the computer into the family room and at least have more interaction with each other?

So why not think about bringing a desk from one of the kid’s rooms or perhaps a garage sale find into the family room and set up a family computer!

That’s tip number 1:  Add a family computer to the family room!

OK, what else brings family together these days?  My kids and I read together quite a bit, and by adding some extra light around the room, or maybe on that new desk, you could allow more places to sit with good reading light.

Tip number 2:  Add good reading light to bring the reader’s together!

Of course Matt’s not happy with that, he wants to add some fun stuff too.  For instance, his thought is to create a place to store video games or even old fashioned board games or puzzles.  In many cases, there is a kitchen table close by…


Although, if your coffee table is large enough and your legs nimble enough, you could even play games at a coffee table! For those less nimble, grab the prime seats at the sofa or have some alternate seating hanging around.  For instance, a couple of ottomans could stay in front of a fireplace or entertainment cabinet, even in the corner, and then just be pulled up if there’s a game or a puzzle out to work on.


And ottomans could work for a variety of functions; it’s always nice to have a little extra seating in your family room when you have guests visiting as well.

Tips number 3 & 4:  Have games of all kinds available and extra seating to accommodate enough players.

Now I know this next idea sounds like something I’d come up with, but Matt mentioned it!  He thought about the cozy throws that get you to sit down and curl up with a fire or a great movie? I’m assuming this came to mind because he lives in Ohio and I live in Florida.  My thought was to make sure the sofa fabric wasn’t fuzzy, cushy or warm!!famtips4

Although, I’m always up for adding a couple of quilts or throws to a room, especially those that are handmade!

So let’s make tip number 5:  Add cozy throws and colorful quilts!


In his cozy throw idea Matt also mentioned movies, and in my family, that’s something that always brings us together too.  Just make sure you are thinking storage when you start putting together all these great ideas.  There’s nothing worse and perhaps more off putting than a room full of clutter.  That isn’t going to help bring anyone together!!

Tip number 6: Tame the clutter so there’s room for the family!

So if you are trying to find a place to really pull your family back together, give your family room a makeover.  Bring the family together and ask them what it would take to make them more interested in family time.  You might be surprised at some of the answers you get. I asked my son and he suggested a family movie night or a family game night.  You start with the youngest and they get to pick the first game or movie and it rotates through the family to the oldest.  At least those were the rules he wanted to use!


Well, whatever your family decides to do to come together, whether it’s changing the room a bit so it’s more comfortable and functions better or they decide on a special family night, we hope you make it a tradition and enjoy every moment of it!


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