Embellishments Add Unique Flair to Your Home

Embellishing objects is a good way for you to skip right over the boring part of a project (like making a flat panel drapery), and go directly to making it beautiful.


For instance, I went out a found a couple of plain drapes, a neutral woven drapery and a sheer.  (By the way, they were much less expensive than the already decorated ones and I prefer to dress them up MY way if you know what I mean.)

Once I knew my fabrics, I took a walk over to the braid, trims, fringes, ribbon, button and bows department.  You know, there is a lot of stuff out there made just for embellishing!  Plus, often you don’t need that much to really dress up an item.  A yard or two of trim will add a nice touch to pillows, even to draperies if you choose your design right!

For the woven drapery I found a couple of great looking beaded trims and some decorative woven trim as well.

It took only a minute to decide to attach the woven trim along the edge of the drapery.  I could have purchased a bit more and added it along the bottom edge as well.  Then, when the two drapery panels met in the middle there would be a nice show of this pretty floral border.


I played with the wooden beads for a long time, trying to decide what would be the best way to show them off.  I wasn’t satisfied with just attaching them to the inside edge just like the floral border, so I tried something else and I’m thrilled with the results.


I first pinned and stitched the trim along the stitch line of the drapery hem.  Then, I folded the fabric above the beads over the ribbon band to hide it and only expose the beads.


I pinned and ironed this in place before stitching and used my zipper foot to avoid harming the beads. In the end, it turned out just marvelous!


The sheer fabric was so light and airy that I knew the wooden beads would be too overbearing for it.  Looking again in the ribbon aisle I found premade ruffle with a small swirl detail and fell in love.  This fell in place a lot faster than I thought.  My first row of ruffle went right on top of the hem stitching like the beads did on the woven drape.


The second row needed to be more exciting so I tried making loops and had a blast working with the ruffle and getting the spacing just right.  I did a ton of pinning to make sure once I had everything in place that it stayed in place while I stitched.


Again, in the end I was really pleased.  And of course, this is just the beginning of how creative you can get with embellishments on plain draperies!

1embellish9But look at this too.  I wasn’t satisfied with doing just the draperies and I loved the idea of the hanging beads so I found a ribbon of glass beads perfect for a dressy lampshade.  The quandary was how to attach them.


Well, have you ever used fabric glue?  This stuff is marvelous and it holds the ribbon in place almost immediately.  Just squeeze it out onto the inside of the shade and press the beaded ribbon in place.  It takes just minutes to change a shade from ordinary to extraordinary!!


And isn’t this button shade cute?   The whole time I was using the fabric glue to attach the buttons I was picturing this in an adorable baby’s nursery.


OR, how about using ribbon to make bows?  Maybe this is a room for twins with lamps that are embellished as “buttons for boys” and “ribbons for girls”!


Now how about embellishing plain white bed sheets?  I made the edge of this plain white pillowcase so pretty it should be displayed, not hidden under the bedspread! This is an iron on appliqué and it goes on and stays on in seconds using the wool setting on your iron and an ironing cloth!

And I don’t want to hear about the appliqué hurting your face.  Matt made a big deal out of it but maybe that’s just how guys sleep!  Ladies, I know you’re with me on this one; we sleep carefully in the center of our pillows so as not to wrinkle them too much and keep them neat, right?  Well, if not, relegate this to the guest bedroom.  It does make a great first impression…right here in the cheek?!  Hahaha, just kidding!

OK, that’s about enough, I think I have embellished everything in sight, but don’t forget about shower curtains, decorative pillows, window shades, placemats, runners and anything around the house that doesn’t move!!



  1. Bernadette Braley says

    Hello Shari…I just want to say that I wish you were on tv…I used to record all your shows and I’d get SO many good ideas. Please say hi to Matt and if there is any way you could either re-run your shows or begin new ones, please let me know. A LOYAL FAN, Bernadette Braley, Gibsonville, NC

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