Host a Recycling Party and Discover Treasures

 You’ve heard that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, well the same goes for recycling, and having a party brings out all the best stuff!

There is something really rewarding about fixing something old up to look new again or just finding a new way to use something that may have been tossed out by someone else.  It’s almost a rescue of sorts.


Matt and I have done all kinds of rescues in the past in trash to treasure projects. I remember taking an old flat door and painting it to make it into a huge desk. It sat on file cabinets and worked out to be a wonderful, huge work surface!  We’ve used old ladders to make shelves, even just painting, staining or slip-covering a worn piece is a rescue!


Of course we got our hands on items like this from either flea markets, antique shops, and some people just handed us stuff because they knew we could do something with it.  We even dumpster dived!  Or Matt did, I just hid below the window because I didn’t feel right going through the garbage.  But I will admit that Matt retrieved some pretty great stuff that way.

OK, so if you are like me and you don’t like taking things out of the trash, how do you get a hold of items that can be REPURPOSED?  Or RECYCLED?  Well, why don’t you try a recycling party?

Here’s how it works, contact a bunch of your friends and have them clean house.  In other words, find items in their homes that they are tired of, that don’t fit their style anymore or just don’t work for them.  Gather up all those items and bring them to a recycling party where they can exchange their things for someone else’s!

1recycle3You can see Matt and me here putting together our “Recycling Party” for the show.  We had lamps, watering cans, pillow covers, picture stands, artwork, trays, home gadgets, you name it!

It’s important that everyone cleans up their stuff though, don’t bring over a pot full of dirt; clean it up so it “sells”!!  I think it’s a great idea to tag everything with your name so once everything is at the party and displayed, you know whose item is whose in case you have any questions about it.  Maybe even put something interesting about the item on the tag.  Something like, “new, never been used” or “still works like new”, stuff like that.


Then, give everyone a way to identify themselves like little clothespins with their names written on them or how about colored paper clips to identify each person?  They take their marker, let’s call it, and attach it to the tags of the items they are interested in.

Of course you know how it’s going to go, if Matt and I were at the same party, we’d both want the same things. So at the end, if more than one person wants an item they can either explain how they are going to use it and let the rest of the attendees decide, or put their markers in a hat and pull one out…just make it fun!1recycle5

And, speaking of making it fun, since this is a party, what about snacks and drinks?  Well, you absolutely should add snacks, drinks, party food and have a wonderful time.  Matt is always a proponent of adding food to any gathering!  You might want to check out his Blazin’ Chip Dip recipe in our Food section!

Then, whatever is left over just pack in boxes and take to your local charity!  Now everyone takes home something new, gets rid of everything that has been hanging around their homes, and they haven’t spent a cent – Everybody wins!

Well…what are you waiting for?   Go get busy…recycle something!!


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