Kitchen Hardware – Awesome Designs in Knobs and Pulls

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Kitchen hardware rarely breaks or malfunctions, we change it out because a new design can transform our kitchens – inexpensively, compared to other kitchen renovation projects.  So even if you don’t need new cabinet hardware, you might want to take a look at the new designs that are available.

Changing out the kitchen hardware is a very simple process which anyone can do.  The first step is to remove the old hardware from an inconspicuous cupboard door or drawer face.  Don’t remove all the hardware at this time because there are so many choices that finding your perfect new hardware may take a bit of time.

Take your old hardware sample with you as you begin your search.  By comparing old and new, you can be assured of an easy installation by purchasing hardware with the same hole placement.  Otherwise, there are no real rules or limitations when choosing cabinet hardware.

You may find yourself learning an entire new vocabulary as you begin your shopping adventure.  You’ll find that knobs now come in all shapes and sizes.   There are a variety of drawer pulls; the most popular include a cup pull and a bail pull.

Kitchen Hardware 2A cup pull is a vintage design.  It is shaped like a half circle, or even squared off at the corners, with a hollowed out space for your fingers.  Notice that the cup pull on the drawers is paired with a matching knob on the doors.

Kitchen Hardware 3Bail pulls have a back plate on both ends with either a moveable or stationary bail between them.  These come in hundreds of designs in varying widths and depths. It’s a good idea to test them out to make sure your fingers fit inside them comfortably.

Kitchen Hardware 4A back plate is a decorative plate which is mounted behind knobs or pulls.  Back plates are used to add additional interest and color to a cupboard surface as well as protect the surface from scratches.

Many people like to create a unified look in the kitchen by matching their hardware to their sinks and faucets.  Because they have similar textures, brushed chrome looks great with a stainless steel sink.  To match a cast iron sink, try a similarly colored ceramic knob for your cupboards and drawers.

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You may want your cabinet hardware to match your cabinets and blend in rather than become a focal point like these simple white ceramic knobs. Or, you might use the cabinet hardware to do the opposite and introduce a new color into the room.

Choose an accent to your main color for the most impact!

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It’s always fun to use hardware which represents your interests or hobbies – why not, it is YOUR home!  In my shopping experience, I’ve seen knobs shaped like sailboats, shells, roosters, and stars, just to name a few.  I’ve even seen drawer pulls shaped like spoons and forks.  What could be more appropriate for a kitchen?

Kitchen Hardware 7How about a fishing basket and bear heads in a kitchen with a rustic cabin feel? Sure, round hammered bronze knobs would have been nice, but these bring real personality to your space and can be conversation starters as well!

Kitchen Hardware 8If you’d like your kitchen to be really unique, you might even consider making your own knobs and pulls.  We’ve don’t this on several occasions. In a nautical bathroom we removed the basic contractor pulls and replaced them with rope.  We tied knots to keep the rope from slipping through the holes and then tied the rope again on the inside of the cabinet to hold them in place.

Not long ago, Shari and I redecorated a small kitchen with white cupboards and a dark countertop.  The homeowners wanted to create a “fun” kitchen for their family.  As we interviewed them, we discovered that they had collected a huge number of small plastic toys frequently given to children in fast food restaurants.  Since those toys represented the fun of eating out, we decided to incorporate them into our kitchen design.

Choosing toys of the appropriate size, we drilled holes in the back using the old pulls as a placement guide.  We then mounted the toys as door pulls on the cupboards.  The family was delighted with the new hardware as it was both fun and unique.

Look at your kitchen for a moment as if you were a visitor to your home. If your kitchen could use a little boost why not consider new hardware?  Remember, there are thousands of choices available, so have a clear picture of your home, your style, and your finishes before you go.  Take one of your current pulls or knobs with you, and let the fun begin! It may take you longer to find the perfect hardware than it will to install it.  But your time will be well spent, because a simple change of kitchen hardware will give your kitchen an amazing new look.



  1. Mary Lee Rossmaessler says

    I wish one could find drawer pulls, etc. magnetized on front and back – no drilling involved!

  2. Annie Rimler says

    “… We’ve don’t this on several occasions….”. Do you mean “done”?
    Love the fishing basket and bear heads. Where did you find those?

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