Single Stone Decal On the Set of ATH!

Our friend Shelley from Single Stone Studios comments on her visit to the set of Around the House with Matt and Shari where she taught us how to use her fabulous decals.

Single Stone Studios on Our SetA couple of weeks ago I, along with my husband and business partner, Billy, had a great time with Matt and Shari on the set of their new show Around the House! It was such fun working with Matt and Shari to set up the project for taping and then to watch them in action during the taping. Such pros, they are.

The first day we got to the studio at the end of the day to apply the main parts of the decal scene. The 4 of us made a great team applying the decals piece by piece. A tree trunk here, a limb there. The scene quickly shaped up and we were off to dinner.

hanging decals

The next morning we all arrived at the studio bright and early, did a quick run through of the application and Matt and Shari went right to taping. They taped straight through the segment without a hitch.singlestone

Billy and I (and our kids who were such good sports) had a really fun time being there for the taping. We also got a sneak peek of the projects that will be airing, they’re all classic Matt and Shari. Fun ideas, good design and lots of new products.

Single Stone Studios is really excited to be a part of it!

And from Matt and Shari, we are thrilled to have Shelley and Billy and Single Stone Studios a part of the new “Around the House” series.  Awesome folks!

Matt and Shari


  1. Judith Redeye says

    Help! I am looking for the combing technique you did years ago. It was combed in both directions but I don’t know what steps you to achieve the look. Why don’t you post older faux finish techniques on your site here?

    • Shari Hiller says

      Hi Judith, That’s a very good idea – posting older techniques. I’ll see if I can find them in my files. If you want to do a combing technique, you have to start with a semi-gloss basecoat so you can pull off the topcoat color easily so the pattern shows up. Then, cut a “comb” out of a window squeegee, with points like a saw for pinstripes or flat teeth to create thicker stripes. Then if you are going just above or below a chair rail, roll on your satin topcoat about three or four roller widths and then immediately squeegee from top to bottom and wipe off the squeegee. Go back to the top and squeegee again, continuing in this way until you finish going through the wet paint. Then, roll a few more roller widths and squeegee again to create great looking stripes. If you want to create a checkered pattern, tape off panel about 30-36″ wide. Paint the entire panel and pull the squeegee first vertically through the entire panel, then horizontally through the entire panel. This will give you a checkered pattern. Remember to wipe off the squeegee so you don’t add paint to the panel. Hope that helps!!

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