Use These 6 Master Bedroom Decorating Tips

Read through these tips and apply the ones that are new to your master bedroom and I promise you’ll be happy with the results.

Before Master BedroomThe easiest way to explain tips for decorating a master bedroom is to start with a master bedroom that needs some decorating! Well, here is a master bedroom that needs some help.  I have a variety of things I want to point out and change in here to make this room look better and maybe even function a little better.

And keep in mind that pretty much anything I talk about you can apply to any bedroom in your home because it’s all about furniture arranging, furniture selection, color  and light.

Let’s start with the furniture arrangement in here.  Unless you have no other option, don’t put the bed on the same wall as the door.  When you walk into a bedroom, you want to see the bed first.  It needs to be the focal point of the room.  Then, generally, there is something across from the bed, like a dresser or armoire that balances the weight or bulk of the bed.

bedroom2Tip 1: Place the bed opposite the door to the room so it becomes the focal point.

Then the lighter pieces of furniture like an occasional chair, maybe a tall chest or standing mirror are the types of pieces that find their way into the corners of the room.

In a master bedroom, you expect to see two night stands.  Just because this one is large, doesn’t mean it’s enough space for both sides of the bed!  And this is probably heading into the furniture selection topic, but a round unfinished piece of particle board with unfinished legs screwed to it isn’t the type of table that should be in the master bedroom.  Reserve something like this for a guest bedroom.

And, when you do have this in a guest bedroom…(I’m still ranting about the night stand…) I want to make sure you understand that a table like this is meant to be used in temporary situations, until you can find a sturdy, but inexpensive actual night stand.

The other thing I want to mention is that the two cloths on this table are a problem as well.  The top one is a throw that should be on a chair or sofa and then the tablecloth underneath is huge.  You can see that it is all bunched up to sort of fit, but it’s very messy looking the way it stands.  I would eliminate the throw and at least hem the tablecloth to fit.

Tip 2:  A particle board top with screw on legs is only a temporary fix!

Tip 3:  Learn how to hem so you can have draperies, tablecloths, even skirts and  slacks at the right length!


Continuing on with furniture selection, I think this might be a case of something being a bit outdated, but this faux wrought iron is again, a guest bedroom or even a teen room selection.  It isn’t master bedroom quality.

And don’t take that as snobbiness.  I think a master bedroom should be as nice as is affordable for the couple who is working hard to keep the household running.  Instead of putting something of lower quality in the room, I would make an inexpensive headboard that looks nice, save the money, and use it until I could afford the headboard of my dreams. 

Tip 4: Don’t skimp in your master bedroom – it’s the one room that is just for you! 


Now let’s discuss the current bedding. It’s a bit dated, just like the bed.  Over the years I’ve found the a bedding design will last longer than the bedding manufacturers want you to keep them, but after a couple years of washing, most bedspreads and comforters are faded and ready to be handed down.  Down to those guest rooms we’ve been talking about!  I do that at home myself, though, everything gets handed down to the kids instead of the guest room!

So it would be nice to find some new bedding and, without the bed frame to sway us, I would use the contemporary armoire as my guide to the style of the new bedding.


This style is very fashion forward for today yet it is in similar colors and shapes as the previous comforter.  Because they blend, this will work great in the room and with the current furnishings.

Tip 5: Change up your bedding every couple years to update your room.  Pass the old bedding down or donate to a worthy cause!

Next, let’s talk about color and this is a wonderful room to use color.  Even a dark color because we use a master bedroom most when it is dark out, so a moody, but well lit room seems perfect.


And if you are worried about using dark colors, you could always start with an accent wall and sort of ease on into the darker colors.  If I was painting an accent wall, I’d paint the wall behind the bed so the bed and the dark color really become the focus in the room.

And, once you have the accent wall painted, I’ll bet you continue on and paint the entire room!  Dark colors can be wonderful, especially if the furnishings are lighter, creating contrast and drama.

In this room the bedding is lighter so a darker color will give us the drama we’re talking about.

Tip 6: Give a dark accent color a try.  The bedroom is the perfect place because you only spend a few waking hours there and it’s a room you generally want to be dark anyway!


Well I’ve talked about quite a few changes.  But they are changes that don’t HAVE to cost an arm and a leg, but they make a huge difference in the finished appearance of your room.  Take a look!

We started with a new furniture arrangement where the bed is on the wall opposite the bedroom door.  Now it is the focal point when you enter the room.  This didn’t cost a thing!

We added a new night stand that Matt bought as an unfinished piece of furniture and painted, very inexpensive.  This could even be a hand me down from your living room or a good friend!
We made the headboard ourselves and there is a project sheet right here explaining exactly how to make one for yourself.  This cost the price of materials, but the labor is free!

The dark blue accent color really makes the room look new.  It’s bold, yet subtle when the other walls remain in beige. And last, the new bedding changes the room completely.  What a lovely update!

Why not try just a couple of the changes we made in this room?  For less than $50 you can paint an accent wall and change the furniture arrangement in your room and feel like you’re living somewhere new.  It’s fun and rewarding – I guarantee it!



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