Don’t Forget to Add Exterior Details to Your Home

One area that a lot of people forget is the details for their exterior.  We have learned to accessorize our interiors, but we don’t really think about it too much outside, and it’s time to change all that!

It’s only been in the last decade or so that exterior rooms became the big thing. You know, the huge deck or patio with a kitchen, fireplace and TV.  So, it just may take us talking about it more to bring about awareness.  Right now, let’s start with the basics, but show that the basics have changed over the years.


For instance, one of the classic exterior accessories is shutters and they aren’t just the run of the mill slatted shutter anymore.  This one is a raised panel shutter similar to the pretty raised panels we often have in our kitchen cabinets.  These shutters actually work and they have the hardware to prove it!


And isn’t this an interesting design?  Plus the color is a surprise.  The shutters match the house color but the boards are placed on the diagonal. I also like that there is only one shutter to cover the smaller window.  It’s a creative way to solve the small window issue!


I think one of my favorite accessories are window boxes and you don’t see that many of them today.  I don’t know if they are too much work for us since everyone is so busy or if they just aren’t the style anymore. But there certainly aren’t many homes built today with that type of welcoming detail.  And when you look at how beautiful they are you have wonder why not?


Aren’t the petunias in here gorgeous?  And I can just imagine what the entire home looks like with these on every window!


But look at this; you don’t always have to do a normal wooden window box.  Here is a shelf with bracket supports and holes cut into it that allow regular flower pots to simply hang there.  Another great look on the right house!


Matt is always amazed when he visits one of the home center stores just how creative manufacturers are getting with their door hardware.  And embellishments to your exterior door are really nice details to add to your home.


And isn’t it interesting that the door knob, per se, has almost disappeared?  Everything is a lever, mainly because it is easier to work for all ages and all abilities.

And there are so many finishes as well.  I love the hammered look and some of the bronze finished levers are great too.  And they are doing the same type of innovation with hinges and door knockers.


Just look at this one Matt picked out for me.  Since I live in Florida he thought the horseshow crab design was perfect.  Of course I absolutely LOVE it and I’ve asked him to keep his eye out for one for me!  I have a side door that it would be perfect on!


Lighting is another important exterior accessory.  Plus, obviously, it’s functional. As you can see in just these two examples, the old carriage light has gone by the wayside and an incredible collection of creative designs is available everywhere.


There are so many different ways to go with lighting today that you can actually match up the style of your home with just the right style light fixture.  In the past, this wasn’t the case.  You simply chose from the 10 possibilities out there and that was it. So be creative and enjoy the process of selecting your exterior lighting!


Speaking about choices and how that has changed over the years, it’s the same with something as simple as your house numbers.  I remember seeing only the black hammered iron ones for years, then there was brass and that was big.


Well, now, look at these two.  I chose the ceramic shell design for me and the rustic tree and vine style for Matt!  Aren’t these great?


The last accessory I want to mention is the mailbox.  Again, your options are endless.


But do try to select something that makes sense with your home.  You don’t want contemporary lighting fixtures, shell ceramic house numbers and a flamingo mailbox.  Exercise some restraint!  Hahaha.

Well, the whole point here is to make you aware of the options available to you, to encourage you to try something a little different than the traditional option, and to pay a little bit more attention to the details on your exterior.  The result of your efforts will make you the envy of your neighborhood!


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