Things to Consider When Decorating Outdoor Spaces

You might not think about it, but your outdoor “rooms” deserve the same time and attention you give to your indoor rooms if you want to enjoy them in the same way. 

Decorating an outdoor “room” is very similar to decorating any other area of your home. You need to first determine the function of the space. Most patios or decks, for example, have three separate areas: an area for eating, another for conversation and Matt’s favorite, an area for relaxing.


Once you’ve decided exactly how you will use your outdoor space, it’s time for furniture selection and placement. Depending on your budget, there are numerous choices for outdoor furniture, including plastic, wood, glass or wrought iron. 

After selecting your pieces, the next step is to position your furniture to create a comfortable dining area and a conversation area with a view. To create the perfect area for relaxation, Matt suggests a hammock in a quiet corner of the yard. 

To provide some evening ambiance, you might consider adding a Mexican clay chiminea or metal fire bowl. These outdoor fireplaces serve multiple purposes–they create a focal point for your outdoor seating area, and they can help with insect control. Outdoor fireplaces can provide ambient light and warmth on a chilly evening. Most important, however, an outdoor fireplace is essential for toasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

Next, you must determine the color scheme. To make your outdoor area seem like an extension of your home, I recommend using the same primary color scheme you’ve used in the interior, varying the intensity of the colors by using brighter, more dominant shades. 

Finally, you should accessorize your outdoor room. Using your color scheme as a guide, choose a market umbrella to shade the dining area. Plastic plates and glassware with placemats in coordinating colors will help to create an inviting table. 

To further define the dining area, you might consider the use of an outdoor area rug. New materials and fibers are now being used to create colorful area rugs resistant to fading and mildew. 

To provide colorful accents throughout your patio or deck, consider using potted plants, garden ornaments and candles. Bubbling fountains and melodic wind chimes are a great way to add soothing sounds to make your patio or deck an outdoor retreat.

See?  You consider the very same things when you decorate indoors as well!  I hope these ideas gave you some food for thought and that your outdoor rooms are as homey and comfortable as those you’ve created inside!


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