Create Your Personal Paint Fan Deck

Grab a couple popsicle sticks and take your very own colors with you to the store everytime you shop for furnishings to make sure you are buying the right colors every time!

fandeck1I think by now, we all know that it pays to bring anything from home that you can to the store with you when you are making decorating and color selections.

I always have the arm caps from my upholstered pieces, cuttings of wallpaper and a paint fan deck like the one you see here in my bag.

It’s very easy to make and I highly recommend putting one together if you are currently in the process of doing some decorating.  Also, any time you are painting a room, just grab another popsicle stick and paint a quick swatch to add to your own personal fan deck!


Materials List:

Bag of popsicle sticks
Key ring
Foam paint brush
Paper plate
Drill and drill bits
Scrap piece of wood



1. The toughest part of this whole project is drilling the holes in the popsicle sticks.  I don’t know how many I ruined, but it was quite a few.  Fortunately, the popsicle stick bag came with many more sticks than I ever want to use colors in my home!!  Place the scrap piece of wood underneath the popsicle stick to protect your work surface.


2. Next, pull out all the colors you’ve used in your home and paint the opposite end of the popsicle stick.  I painted both sides and actually had to give them a double coat to get a true representation of the wall color.


3. I waited until the paint was dry to write my paint color names and numbers however, it would be wiser to jot that down on the sticks first, so you can put the paint cans away and clean up sooner. Live and learn!!

Attach the sticks to your key ring and you’re set to go shopping. It’s not a bad idea to consider some sort of sleeve for your fan deck.  I have found that carrying it around in my purse can burnish the paint and the sticks can get pretty dirty.  (My tan stick is now covered in peppermint pattie!)  You might consider using a zip lock baggie or even an envelope!


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