I Used Art Glass as Inspiration for My Studio

When it came time to select colors for the studio set for “around the house with Matt and Shari”, I went directly to one of our biggest supporters, ProVia Door and asked them what they would recommend. 

studio1Without hesitation, they suggested we install one of their inspirations art glass windows in the studio.  All I had to do was glance at their catalog and I was hooked!  I was able to choose from seven original designs so it was easy to select something that fit my personality.  Then, with five different designer color palettes to choose from, I had a field day considering all the options.studio2

It was tougher than I thought to make a decision about it, but in the end, I was thrilled with my choice.  I think my architectural and design background draws me to lines and geometric shapes.  The simplicity of the border and evenly spaced diamonds is soothing to me yet the details of small squares within the border give the design interest.  Also, I love rich, warm colors and the tones in this window were perfect for me.

Inspirations Art Glass is the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology and it is available in not only windows – of all sizes and shapes, mind you – but you can use this lovely art glass on patio doors as well.  What is wonderful about the Inspirations Art Glass is that you can personalize your doors and windows, you know, make a statement about you!

The process is interesting as well.  Of course it starts with the conceptual designs from ProVia’s in house designers.  As you might expect, the design is created on computer software and then it is sent to a CNC machine which applies a resin bead to the surface of the glass in one of ProVia’s four stylish colors.

Then it is the process of the color fill that truly brings the glass to life.  Their own craftsmen hand apply the color fill to your specific glass.  It’s also nice to know that both the resin bead and the color fill are backed by ProVia’s Lifetime Limited Warranty and they won’t fade, blister or peel away from the glass. Yes, it’s a bit of business, but beauty is one thing and durability is another and with windows you definitely want both!


Once I had my inspiration piece selected, I then chose the rest of the furnishings in my studio.  The deep burgundy became the accent wall color with a neutral for the remainder of the set to make the accent stand out.  IF there were fabrics used in the room I would have found something with my burgundy and pumpkin spice tones and perhaps with a bit of blue green for a touch of cool.  These three colors make up a split complimentary color scheme and one that is always very interesting.


You may have noticed the pretty door in my collection of colors…it too is a ProVia product.  Matt and I wanted a door to our studio so we could walk into it and add some action to our opening.  Well, I do believe that it really helps to see a picture of what you are looking for because another page in the ProViacatalog had the door I wanted.  This door, called the Signet Door Series is available in Mahogany, Cherry and Oak – even though it is a fiberglass door.  This is a good thing to consider if you are in the market for a new door.  I have wood doors on my house and they have lost their finish and warped in the strong sun – fiberglass might be the answer for someone like me!  Of course our studio door won’t get a bit of weather abuse…and I’m extremely glad about that!

I selected a cherry finish and you can see from the photo that is almost pulls the burgundy accent wall color right into its finish.  I then chose the cherry stained shelving you can just make out on the right and even the area rug in front of the door has some of the burgundy, a warm rust and the golden tones from the oak flooring.  My only regret as I look at the photos now is the color of the baseboard trim.  The off white seems a bit stark and perhaps for next season I’ll have Matt give it a coat of paint!

So you can now easily see the point of using an inspiration piece when you are decorating.  It will give you a feeling you can transfer to your entire space, along with colors and patterns that make sense all pulled together.  And your inspiration can be anything…a sofa fabric, a bedspread, a favorite scarf or even a beautiful new window!


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