Alternative Lighting – No Ordinary Table Lamp

These lighting alternatives aren’t necessarily for functional needs, they are ways to bring light to your home that add ambiance, interest, or intrigue.

What do you suppose alternative lighting means?  Well, it’s just a fun umbrella term for anything other than an ordinary table or floor lamp – even chandelier or ceiling fixture.  Alternative lighting can be all sorts of fun.  For instance, one of the oldest alternative light sources is fire!


If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home that is safe to use, it can be a wonderful addition to thelighting of your home.  It is a sure fire way, (no pun intended) to create atmosphere and ambience.  This alternative lighting is great for watching TV, sipping hot chocolate, listening to music or just enjoying the flicker and warmth of the flame.


On a much smaller scale is a simple candle.  And of course, as with a fireplace fire, don’t ever leave a burning candle unattended.  However, why would you want to leave it?  I can even make one of my burnt dinner’s romantic with the addition of a little candle light!

Because manufacturers are making candles scented today, burning one can really enhance the aroma of a room.  My daughter can’t live without a scented candle burning and I have to admit that Matt gave me one called Pumpkin Spice one year around Thanksgiving and I was heartbroken when I finally wiped it out!

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of having candles lit around your home, you might want to consider using a battery candle.  That’s right, there are candles made today that are lit by using a small battery.  Usually the well at the top is deeper and there is a bit of a wick.  However, it is the base or body of the candle that glows with light.  They are quite nice looking and are perfect for places where candle light would be nice but where you might not be spending your entire evening; for instance in an entry or a guest bathroom.

For children, there are many different light options.  I sent Matt to the store to check out kid’s night lights and oh my, did he find some fun ones. The blue plastic car is great for young boys and the beaded pink chandelier would have been nice when my daughter was a little princess.  Check out your local home products store and let your child select one that is just right for them.


Here’s another tricky idea.  It is a solar system night light that attaches to the ceiling!  This one is really cool because it has a CD that goes with it that describes all the planets and gives your child some nifty information about our solar system.  All that, and it is probably used more just as a simple night light because the sun lights up!  It gives off just enough light to move around the room once your eyes have become accustomed to the dark.


Now I know this isn’t exactly what you might think of as a night light, but this glow in the dark constellations wallpaper is super cool!  The lights from around the room cause the stars to glow when the lights are turned off.  IT really doesn’t give off enough light to leave the room, but who would want to?

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alternative lighting.  I chose to talk to you about styles that are easy to find and really do work.  But, don’t let my limited list stop you from visiting lighting stores in your area, checking out the internet, and browsing catalogs to find some fun, interesting, maybe even unexpected lighting options to make your home unique!


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