10 Seasonal Table Setting Ideas to Try

If you have a party coming up or just want to surprise your family with a special table tonight, here are some ideas to get you started.

A year has gone by and my church had its annual ladies event where we have a speaker, share appetizers, salads and desserts, and many of us offer to decorate the tables for the event.  This will be the third year in a row that I have volunteered to decorate a table because I find it so much fun to do.  The table designer is also responsible for hosting the table and I do enjoy catering to the women. Although, this year no one would let me pour drinks or throw away empty plates.  Instead, we all worked together and that made it even more fun!

As usual, I went around and took photos of all of the tables and I thought I would share some of them with you since they were all so pretty.  Sometimes all it takes is a quick glance at a photo or two to get the creative juices flowing and help you to jump start a themed evening of your own!


This table was themed; “Dutch Heritage” and it was a lovely display of blue and white Wedgewood china pieces along with blue glass plates. I was amazed that this designer found paper placemats and napkins in the blue and white look of Wedgewood as well.  It really pulled the whole table together.  Then, for a burst of color, what better on a Dutch style table than yellow tulips?!


In keeping with the cooler color palette, I thought this table done in all violet was gorgeous.  Like the table above, the simple, one color palette was dramatic and rich.


The centerpiece was simple but beautiful – “The Empty Tomb”. It appeared to be made out of a small clay pot on its side sitting inside a very large clay pot tray. Then, soil was spread over it and small pebbles and rocks were added.  Young seedlings were growing and the shroud was left behind.


This next table was called, “Baseball Heaven” and all you have to do is glance to see why.  It’s all decorated in stars and stripes, there are containers of peanuts and sunflower seeds to munch on, and in the center – nothing other than apple pie!  I love the Cracker Jack favors and Grand Slam napkins. This would be a theme that would be fun to crate all summer long!


Here’s a fun summer theme, “Down by the Beach”!  This designer used the white table cloth we were given and topped it with a teal fishnet.  She must have these colors at home because she used the prettiest gold chargers and teal colored plates.  I thought it was nice that she didn’t overcrowd it with shells, but she did put together a very nice centerpiece.


It appears to be a fishbowl with sand and a lovely figure of a woman by a picket fence enjoying a day at the beach.  Notice the little candles in teal glass containers with starfish inside that were here and there on the table.  Simple and sweet.


Table number 2 used “Quilting” as its theme.  We have a group of women that quilt blankets for the needy and they were represented by two different quilting tables.  Her centerpiece showed the fabric scraps from the lovely placemats she made for the table.


There were several garden themes and since I can’t see the table number I’m not sure what this one was called, but the orange was so inviting and the little favors were seed packets and butterfly clips for your hair!


I took this photo in the morning, before the table was finished but I thought the “Go Fish” theme was cute with all of the ceramics she used at the table.  The real surprise came when the evening began….


This hostess brought real goldfish for the bowl in the center and each guest received a goldfish to take home! I’m glad I wasn’t at that table….but my cats aren’t!


“Country Time” was this table’s theme and it was so well done with adorable country style bears and dinnerware.  There were Mason jar glasses and real canned jams as favors.  Very warm and inviting.


Here’s another table that used mainly solid color and it comes across neat, bright and beautiful.  The theme is, “Fruits of the Spirit”, thus Carmen Miranda with the fruit headdress in the center!  Notice the colorful ribbons that pick up the colors in the glassware.  I think this table came together beautifully.

So, what did I do with my table?  I usually try to piggyback on the theme of the evening which is usually the speech of our speaker.  This night, the speaker was Cathy Dunlap and the title of her talk was, “Friendship: Fun, Food, Forgiveness & Other Key Ingredients”.


I hung on the word “friendship” and came up with the theme, “Faire de Nouveaux Amies” which means “Make New Friends” in French. As many of you know, I have quite collection of roosters and that feeds right into the French County theme so that’s what I did.

Here’s our “before” table.


I added a French country print tablecloth that was rectangular.  (I had to iron it into a square and use safety pins to hold it in place.) One I added everything else you couldn’t tell!


I started with my centerpiece, the large topiary and tall metal red rooster.  Then, toward where I was sitting I placed the dessert tray.  This was really the “back” of the arrangement, but you always want everyone to have a view of something pretty.


On the front side of the centerpiece was a framed card calling out the theme name and the names of the ladies at my table.  I used a couple of very tiny frames in other places with the theme name only so everyone could be reminded to “Make new friends!”


Once the paper plates, napkins and favors were added, my table design was complete.  I struggled whether to buy blue or red rimmed plates and I think the blue really popped off of the yellow so I’m happy with my decision there.  I scrunched up the napkins and added them to the clear plastic glasses to have a height that was a transition from the low plates to the high centerpiece items in the middle.


My favors were mini cutting boards and either red or rooster printed tea towels.  My friend Jessie wanted to know where the cheese, crackers and wine were at.  Well, I can only do so much! And anyway, there was soooo much food at this event, you could have all joined me and there still would have been leftovers!!

I really enjoy this event at our church.  I encourage you to tell your women’s ministry about it and try it yourself.  It’s a great way to make connections, meet new people and share.  Please use these ideas as inspiration for summer parties, a special event, or just to perk up a nightly meal.

Thanks again to all the women who spent countless hours creating gorgeous table settings for the rest of us to enjoy.  We’ll all be waiting impatiently to find out what fantastic themes and designs you’ll come up with for next year!


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