11 More Seasonal Table Setting Ideas to Try

Many of these table setting ideas work great for summer dining, but there are a few for other seasons and holidays mixed in as well. 

As you must know by now, Matt and I do this because we enjoy sharing the ideas and inspiration that we find around us, with you!  Well, this is just such an article.  A few weeks ago I was involved in an event at church where many of us decorated a table in a theme of our choice and then shared our creations with 7 other women for appetizers, desserts and a lovely speaker.

Well, the tables were so beautifully done that I just had to share some of them with you and offer them up as inspiration for all your summer dinner parties!


This table was themed; “Bloom where you are planted” and I thought it was colorful and inspiring.  The designer used potted begonias, I believe, and wrapped them in brightly colored tissue which accented the floral tablecloth that she used as her base.  Apparently she brought in her own glass plates and cups which were lovely and made it feel like you were truly joining her in her garden for a nice evening.  The best part of the table setting was that her guests were expected to take the begonia home with them as a gift for coming.  How nice!


This Asian inspired table décor was quite lovely and simple.  The china from home started the theme and trinkets from perhaps a trip to the east were added to really bring the theme to life.  We loved the bamboo table runner and chopsticks that really added authenticity.


A close up of a place setting shows the detail on the dinnerware and the placement and fold of the napkin.  Asian soup spoons were used to hold a few candies and I think this hostess offered a paper take home container full of goodies for her guests of the evening!


Mardi Gras is a great theme for a dinner party.  The colors are rich and alluring and the addition of fabulous feather masks for everyone at the table lends a bit of mystery to the event!  The centerpiece of shiny foil cutouts was very reflective and almost appeared to be moving as it rested nicely atop a fabric covered box to give it some prominence and height.


Two of the tables were created by a group of several women who had been involved in missionary work in Africa.  They had cloth with them that was brought home from there and even some that had been made into a quilt.  On the evening of the event, they dressed in some of the customary clothing of the people they worked with in that country.


Here you see the quilt that was made and is being used as a tablecloth.  The centerpieces on both tables were very imaginative and used special items brought home from their missions.


The items in this centerpiece were augmented with green moss that was placed around them to fill in.  These ladies even mixed in African jewelry as part of their display and it really made a strong statement.


For those of you who perhaps have guardian angels, you would have loved this table.  It was very serene with its use of soft pinks, sky blue and white.  The table was sprinkled with silver foil stars to give it a glistening effect and the angels were placed gently in cotton to give the appearance of billowy clouds.


This English Country Garden themed table was right next to mine and the hostess was a first timer as was I.  We spent a lot of time together wondering if we were doing things right and I told her that I thought bringing in her lovely embroidered tablecloth and porcelain teacups proved that she was doing everything right and that she may be sorry for it later!!

table10 - copy

A Christmas themed table setting caught us all a bit off guard in April, but it was nice to see the bright red and green.  I’m not sure exactly what was in the Christmas tins that every guest received but I’ll bet it was tasty!   I think this proves that we love the holiday season all year long and why not pull out the holiday tree plates if they make you smile!!


Here we are at a church event and all I can think of is stealing these fabulous shells in the centerpiece!  Do you ever get those weird thoughts?  I would never act on it mainly because it would ruin the beautiful table setting and that would go against my grain, hahaha!  And aren’t the Hawaiian shirt placemats just perfect?


Another table next to mine was this fabulous 50’s themed table.  The centerpiece was a tabletop jukebox that actually did play music and it was surrounded by none other than old 45’s!  The black checkered tablecloth and 50’s themed plates brought the entire theme together.  It looked like you stepped right back into a 50’s diner!


These two tables pushed together were designed by our young mother’s group.  One is themed for baby boys and one for baby girls.  These tables were a joy to see and would be perfect for a baby shower if there is one in your future!  Notice on the backs of the chairs they strung clothes line and added tiny baby clothes as decoration.


The take home gifts at this table were baby bottles filled with candy. But the real gem was the “cake” centerpiece.  It was made out of tiny infant diapers laid on their side and placed in a circular position.  They were tied with ribbon and then a smaller circle of diapers was added as another layer of cake and so forth until a three tiered cake was created – wonderful!


Here’s what the tables looked like when we all arrived.  Plain white tablecloths and the proper eating utensils was all that was provided.


The first thing I did was cover the white with an inexpensive pink table cloth that I cut to the shape of the table and added scallops.  It took all of 5 minutes! (I chose Pretty in Pink as my theme because the speaker’s talk was called “Facing Life Challenges with Frosty Pink Lip Gloss”.)


My paper plates and napkins is really where I got my inspiration and I simply worked with the pinks, a bit of soft blue and the fine lined floral design.  One detail I added was to tie my silverware together with a bow made out of matching ribbon.


Everyone at my table received a bag full of pink crinkle paper wrapped around all sorts of things to make you feel pretty…in pink!


There were pink lip glosses, pink hand sanitizers, hand soap, brushes, pill cups, nail polish and of course pink wrapped mints!!


My centerpiece started with a base of one of those pretty boxes you find in accessory stores that can hold anything you are interested in storing.  They almost seem like they are large stationary boxes.  I found mine at Marshall’s for a very reasonable price.


The finishing touches were the balloons and a pink frame that surrounded the theme, “Pretty in Pink”.  My daughter helped me find many of the items we used, and she suggested the bright pink beads that we offered to everyone at our table.  That way if anyone asked what table they were at, they would instantly know that they were at the “Pretty in Pink” table, because they were just that!

This was a great women’s event at our church, but the ideas and themes on so many of these tables would be great to use throughout the year right in your own home.  Feel free to use this as inspiration for a personal party or even for an event at your favorite place to gather!

Thanks to all the women who spent countless hours creating gorgeous table settings for the rest of us to enjoy.  You really gave of yourself and shared your treasures and well are all very grateful for the evening together to connect with others!


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