Move Indoor Rooms Outside for Seasonal Events

To some this is a crazy idea but to the adventurous, it’s brilliant.  Give it a try for a special event, I guarantee you’ll do it again!

There are several ways to “charge up” your exterior spaces for the season and this year you should try it at least once!  Instead of cleaning off the wire mesh chairs and haphazardly putting them around the bare round table, or tossing the outdoor cushions that have been stored in plastic over the winter, back on the chaise, try to think a little differently. 


Wouldn’t it be the craziest idea to bring your entire dining room outside for a fun meal with your best friends?!  Or how about pulling one of your interior rugs, a couple of occasional tables and some indoor accessories and lamps onto the patio for an evening of entertaining.  What could it hurt?  You aren’t doing it on a rainy night, you aren’t walking on the rug with muddy shoes, you are being respectful of your belongings, but creating an entirely new atmosphere that can really make an evening with friends stand out in their minds for a long time to come.

Take a closer look at this outdoor setting. indoors2

1. The concrete is clean so the area rug is fine. If there is a problem, either spray the concrete off with the hose and let dry or bring out the broom and eliminate any dust, leaves or debris.


2. The throw pillows are from the family room sectional but they are just going to be on the screened lanai for a few hours so they will be fine. As long as you don’t have any partygoers that are going to end up in the pool, the furnishings should survive unscathed!


3. The lamp plugs into an outdoor outlet and will light up the night beautifully (within the confines of a screened area so you summon the bugs!)and the accessories…


…well, we all know they are the finishing touches to a perfect room….even an outdoor room!


This front porch is a great place to enjoy the breezes, read a book, or even meet with a neighbor!  No, this doesn’t stay outside for long periods of time.  Though the fabrics are weather resistant, the wood would eventually take a beating in the sun or even in the damp evenings.  But have a party?  And what a great way to welcome your guests…they know right away, something wonderful is to come!

Try a few “outdoor rooms” of your own, and share your great ideas with the rest of us.  Send your “outdoor rooms” to!


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