Spring Table Settings and Decor Ideas


When Spring arrives, one of the easiest places to make a change is with the linens and accessories you use on your on your dinner table.

As the seasons change, we all have a tendency to want a little change in our homes as well.  It only has to be in small touches to make a difference, and I find that my kitchen table is a great place to make these small changes.  Why?  Mainly because my family sees the table every day since it is in a major thoroughfare in my home.

I generally start the season with a centerpiece in a theme of some sort.  Then, as the holiday or mid season arrives, I go all out with place settings and tablecloths, ribbons and place cards, even things hanging from the chandelier!  This is too much of a good thing to keep in place for too long, so eventually I’ll go back to just the centerpiece.


This little place setting was easy and inexpensive.  The cutwork placemat was from JoAnn etc. and about $2 a piece. Check out the dollar stores and off-price shops in your area for similar ideas.

placeset3Its vinyl coated so it will wipe right off.  Plus, it’s reversible in another color!  The napkin and ribbons are from there as well.

If you are interested in making the egg cup decoration, just paint a wooden egg, grab some grass from your front lawn and voila…..decor!

placeset4The little egg cups are adorable and can be used all around the house to add little spring touches.

Try them in the china cabinet…

…or in the kitchen….where they’ll feel at home…


….there may even be a little cubby hole made just for the little egg cup!!


Now turn that yellow placemat over to the lavender side, add your dinnerware and flatware and three more easy pieces….


A fan folded cloth napkin is always festive.  The bright green plays well against the lavender placemat and the brown rim of the dinnerware.


However, it’s this spring sprig with a lovely butterfly in tones that coordinate with the lavender placemat, the green napkin and the dinnerware that brings the entire place setting to life.  All I’ve done is to twist the wire stem around the folded napkin and I’m finished.

placeset10The third easy piece is an adorable bunny figurine that can sit beside everyone’s place setting.  They were about $2 a piece from one of my favorite stores….yes….Target…and they would be fun gifts for guests as well.


Add colorful pastel ribbons; roll the napkins in a water goblet and just fill the table with spring flowers and bunnies and your family will enjoy a heightened sense of the season.


Or, if you are interested in working on a small craft project, you can glue up some lovely little nests that capture the season and look great used in a variety of ways.  I have instructions in the Seasonal section of the site.


I love them used as a place setting centerpiece.  You could easily add a card with your guest’s names and then if you want, send the nest home as a party gift!


They may actually be even nicer at a luncheon instead of dinner.  Here I’ve brought back the lacey placemats and the bright green napkin, but used them together a little differently.  If you purchase items that blend well together, you can mix and match and change your place settings every week!


They are busy getting their homes ready for spring..…so why shouldn’t we?

Happy Spring!


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