What Style Am I and Is It Important?

Everyone thinks they need to have a certain well known style for their homes, and those homes that do really come together beautifully, however, what you really want to figure out is what is YOUR style! 

Eclectic Style Living Room - MattandShari.comI would have to say one of the most common “basic” questions I get is “What Style am I?”  So, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a basic lesson in decorating styles.  The reason I haven’t talked too much about this in the past is that today it seems like most people have developed a style of their own, like in the photo here from dominomag.com.

Think about it and I’ll bet you’ll find this is true with you.  For your first home or apartment you probably had a combination of hand me down furnishings and items you bought yourself.  More often than not, the furnishings you bought weren’t exactly high ticket items but they were functional and probably attractive at the time.

Then, as time goes on, you replace pieces one or two at a time as they wear out or as you save a little money.  So eventually, unless you are a diehard contemporary or diehard traditionalist, you end up with somewhat of an eclectic combination of styles.  In other words, not everything matches in style, but everything probably makes you very happy.

What you have created is YOUR style, not a text book style like the ones I’m going to tell you about.  And in my book, YOUR style is better because it has history.  There are stories behind the items.  Some may be family heirlooms, and all put together, they create a home that is comforting, familiar and is just right for you.

So, don’t worry so much about what style you are, unless you are getting ready to redo everything and want to make a whole new cohesive statement, which is exactly what sticking to one style will do for you.

Now you need to take some time and look through the different style articles we have put together for you.  They are all written in the same format with a little introduction at the beginning, then a visual depiction of 5 items to include a chair, area rug, pillow, mirror and lamp. This gives you the opportunity to compare visual shapes and patterns between styles.  I’ve added a room scene at the end to bring it all home! Enjoy!


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