Stainless Steel Back Splash – Yea or Nay?

Stainless Steel Back Splash

When I saw this stainless steel tile back splash I immediately thought, wow that looks so sleek and modern.  I love it! Then I started thinking about how my stainless steel sink looks right now and that maybe it isn’t such a great idea. Although, I don’t really scrub my back splash too often, maybe after a spaghetti sauce mishap but that’s about it.  So what do you think? Yea or nay?


  1. Annie Rimler says

    YEA! I have a stainless steel tile back splash behind my cook top. The cook top counter is also stainless steel. It looks terrific and while the counter takes a minor amount of work to keep looking good,I love it!

  2. Mary Lee Rossmaessler says

    I like this back splash. Really adds pizzazz! Unfortunately, I have no area behind my sink but how beautiful this would be if one had all stainless appliances!

  3. Sheila Kercheville says

    I personally, am not fond of Stainless Steel anything… My Mama owned a bakery with stainless appliances ans once you make one little wipe on it, it never looks pristine again. I could see this back splash in a beautiful colored Subway tile though!!

  4. says

    NAY, NAY, NAY! I have all stainless steel kitchen appliances which require entirely too much time to keep them looking good. Fingerprints, water spots, kitchen grease, and just normal everyday activities require a lot more time in cleaning up. And nothing looks more ugh! than stainless steel that is not spotless.

  5. Linda says

    NAY! I Have all stainless steel appliances. Constant effort to keep them clean & shining. So, I would prefer natural stone or maybe those new little glossy tiles from Home Depot or Lowes. We even applied grout & those false brick tiles as a backsplash in one of our kitchens years ago, & it looked great!

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