Vessel Sinks are All The Rage

Beautiful Vessel Sink

Another interesting item I found at the Great Big Home & Garden Show in Cleveland, was this beautiful vessel sink. I love the patterns and colors, but I do have an opinion about vessel sinks in use.  although they look intriguing and dramatic in a bathroom, I find that I’m constantly banging my hand, or watch or the soap dispenser against the edge of it because it stands up so high. I wouldn’t want this to be the sink in the bathroom I use everyday.  As a guest half bath, OK. Anyone with vessel sinks want to defend them?


  1. Jill Bailey says

    I’m with you Matt. I think they look really nice, but I have to wonder about the functionality. Plus, in our house our little ones wouldn’t be able to reach the sink to wash their hands or brush their teeth. My sister in law has one and it’s chipped already. I actually like recessed sinks. They’re easy to use and to clean!

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