How to Cover a Book with Pretty Papers

Books wrapped in wallpaper remnants - MattandShari.comOften kid’s come home from those first few days of school saying they need to cover their books, well if it happens at your house, here’s how to do it! 

This can also be considered a solution to those crazy colored book spines.  Just cover them with left over wallpaper, brown craft paper or even wrapping paper.  I did this many years ago on a couple of those wild covered bathroom readers for my guest bath.  The décor was very subtle and refined and then these books looked horrible on the little shelf I’d place there.

So, I gathered up some of the left over wallpaper from my house and covered them both up! It’s a very simple project.  The steps follow, and this works just as well on your kid’s school books too!

Covering a book materials -

Materials List:

Scrap wallpaper, kraft paper, or wrapping paper
Clear tape
Books to cover


Covering a book step 1 -

1. Start by laying the book opened on the paper.  I used wrapping paper for this demonstration and I have to admit it was inexpensive, thin and very hard to work with.  Cut around the book leaving about an inch on the top and bottom and about 4 inches on the sides.

Covering a book step 2 -

2. Close the book and wrap the paper around the book evenly.

Covering a book step 3 -

3. I did the front cover first so you could see how it looks and I’m demonstrating on the back cover that I folded the 4” sides in half.

Covering a book step 4 -

4. And then in half again to make the fold tight against the outside edge of the book cover.  Keep closing the book to make sure you aren’t pulling the paper too tight which won’t allow the book to close properly.

Covering a book step 5 -

5. Before folding the bottom and top in you will need to cut out the area by the binding.  Remember that the binding may hold tight to the book and you’ll have to cut the flat end part and a bit further around towards the covers to allow the paper to fold over freely

Covering a book step 6 -

6. At the outside corner, fold the paper in a triangle towards the bottom edge of the book.  Then, fold up the paper and crease the fold at the bottom.

Covering a book step 7 -

7. When both the top and bottom are folded in, the inside covers should look like this.

Covering a book step 8 -

8. In a close up you can see that I used clear tape to hold the fold in place at the corners.  Notice too that I didn’t touch the inside of the book cover.

Covering a book step 9 -

There.  If I’m lucky, this joke and riddle book, which was mine as a kid, will get lost on my son’s bookshelf.  He told me a short while back, in a very proud way that “he was going to be a jokester when he grew up!”  He had this book in his hands…maybe this will throw him off track long enough to find a new life goal!!


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