How to Make Pixel Art for Creative Play


Pixel art is fun but it is also a time to learn about right angles, squares, paint and color.  Hope you have a good time with it, we sure did! My son, as well as many kids out there, is into all sorts of gaming on the computer and with gaming systems.  Because of this, pixel art was born.  The real project my son wants is a quilt made with pixel art of a character in a game he likes. This will probably be easier than I think because pixels are, of course, just square quilt blocks!! However, we started with something a little less time consuming and we had a blast doing it.  We made a sword from one of his favorite games and here’s how to create one with your kids. Materials List:

  • Online Pattern (optional)
  • 1” Grid Poster Board
  • Metal Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Variety of Craft Paints
  • Brushes
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Foam Core Board
  • Cutting Mat
  • Matte Knife
  • Double Stick Tape


1. My son found a diagram of the sword he wanted to make in pixel format online. He used google images to find it.  You can also create the pixel art on graph paper first and then transfer it to the larger poster board.


2. He then took the diagram and copied it onto the 1” grid poster board using the metal ruler and a pencil.  (We made two of these so the sword would have a front and a matching back.)


3. We then painted the sword using my craft paints and mixed up colors we didn’t already have.  This was both fun and educational!


4. We used scissors to cut out the painted swords.


5. After they were cut out, we compared them and trimmed where needed to make them as much the same size as possible.  Then, we traced one onto foam core board.


6. Mom did the part where we cut around the shape in the foam core using a matte knife and the metal ruler.  There are so many short cuts that I wasn’t ready to see my son wield the knife!


7. Instead of glue which takes forever to dry, we used our favorite…double stick tape!  Use generously.         apixelart9

8. Then simply apply the cut out sword to the foam core making sure to match up the shapes and edges. (Note: We did trim the points off of the pixels on the handle of the sword so it was less painful to grasp!)     apixelart10

In the end I had a very happy camper and what else could any mom want?


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