Easy To Tie Double Sided Fleece Blanket


Kid’s will love selecting the fabrics to make their own bedtime fleece blanket. All you need is a couple hours and a couple yards of coordinating fleece fabrics.

For years I have been making small bedtime blankets for my children.  Generally, they get a new one at Christmas, as long as I can find the time.  I can usually get the quilt pieces put together, but I resort to “quilting” it with yarn ties instead of the more time consuming art of quilting.

Well, last year my son wanted a fleece blanket instead of a quilted one and I was thrilled.  You see, these take mere moments as compared to piecing together blocks of fabric – even when I cheat and use yarn ties!!

I had fun selecting the two co-coordinating pieces of fleece, oh, and I forgot to mention, this blanket is reversible!  Now I know you want to make one…why wouldn’t you?


Materials List:

  • Two coordinating pieces of fleece
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


1. Determine the size blanket you want to make so you can purchase enough fleece.  You won’t be piecing cuts together.  Just make the blanket as large as you can as determined by the width of the fleece available.


2. Lay the two pieces of fleece together with wrong sides touching. Pin along the edges but inside about an inch or so.  Leave enough room to cut off the selvage edges, straighten the ends, and make the two pieces the exact same size.


3. Cut a 5” square out of each of the four corners.


4. Measure up 5” along all four sides and mark the 5” measurement with a line of pins.


5. Lay the ruler along the pin line and cut all the way across each side making 1” ties.  As you get within about 10 inches of the end, make sure you have 10 even 1” ties.  If not, adjust, either making some a bit smaller or a bit larger to end somewhat evenly.


6. Once all the ties are cut, grab and pull two ties, top and bottom, together…


…and wrap around two fingers.


Push the end through the loop…


…pull and square the knot up with the edge of the blanket.


Notice that the knot of the fringe looks different on each side.  Play with this a bit until you get the effect you want.  I preferred to have the rounded knot on the patterned side of the blanket.


And the contrasting knot on the plain side of my fabric.  It’s all just personal preference.  Just keep knotting away, and in no time at all you’ll have a soft, cuddly blanket ready for that special someone…or you!


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