Kid’s Contrasting Stars T-Shirt to Sew


Kid’s will love these star T-shirts to wear for the summer holidays, but change out the design, and they can be used for all sorts of celebrations…or just for fun!

I love the three summer holidays for more reasons than the weather that goes with them.  I love them because when you make a craft for Memorial Day, it can be used on the 4th of July and Labor Day as well.  Keep with the red, white and blue theme and your good to go!

These red, white and blue T’s are perfect for the big day and the kid’s can even help you make them.  One-of -a-kind T-shirts can be made pretty quickly, especially this one with cut out contrasting stars.  These are just ideas to get you inspired though because I’ve seen red and white striped ribbon used to outline stars, I’ve seen bleach pens used to draw stars, stripes, fireworks, you name it!  Just visit your local craft store and check out all the options available for painting or crafting on inexpensive T-shirts!  Have fun!

Materials List:

  • Appropriate sizes of T-shirts
  • Craft materials like cotton fabric for stars
  • Scissors
  • Needle and matching Dual Duty XP General purpose threads
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine


1. For the contrasting star T you will need to select your shirt color and several cotton fabrics for the contrasting stars.  Then, either draw a star as your template or use a star cookie cutters as your templates.


2. Using your template trace the star design onto the contrasting fabrics.  When I did this, I left about a ½ inch extra fabric around the star because I wanted to cut it out a little bit larger than the cookie cutter I had.


3. Turn the shirt inside out, place the stars into position, (remember to place them in a mirror image of your final design) and pin them in place.  Make sure you don’t catch the back of the shirt in your pins!


4. Use the sewing machine to stitch the stars onto the inside front of the T shirt.  Make sure to use at least a ¼” seam allowance.


5. Turn the shirt right side out and use your two hands to separate the T shirt from the contrasting fabric in the back.  Make a slit in the middle of the star, ONLY in the T shirt fabric.  Insert the scissors into the slit and cut around your stitching to remove the T shirt fabric.  Leave at least 1/8” of T shirt fabric beyond the stitching.


The finished shirt looks fabulous.  Keep in mind that if you don’t want your stitches to show on the T shirt, use matching thread instead of contrasting like I did.


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