Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Kids

To me there is nothing better than a good book, and kid’s books are no different.  In fact, those listed are books I’ve enjoyed with my kids and will keep on the bookshelf ’til the grandkids have grandkids! 

Matt and I are voracious readers. He reads all sorts of adventure, humor, mystery, history, both fiction and non-fiction. He can recommend a book to just about anyone and find something that will appeal to their tastes. Best of all, he remembers them! I, on the other hand, read children’s books! I do read some adult books, but I am in love with children’s stories and especially the illustrations (of course). I enjoy stories that rhyme and I want lots of great pictures.

So on this page we have stories that should appeal to just about everyone, young and old alike. Every now and then, we’ll add to it and just keep the list going. Check out the “Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Adults” to see our picks that are perfect for the older crowd.  Kid’s would definitely get bored, but we love ‘em!

Don’t forget that these books don’t have to be purchased to be enjoyed. Take yourself and your children to your local public library and look up the titles. It’s a nice way to spend some time together and teach your children how to use a valuable resource in their own community!


americathebeautifulAmerica The Beautiful

by Robert Sabuda

This book should be one of the Wonders of the World.  Robert Sabuda has the uniques ability to create incredibly intricate pop-up books and this one shows the beauty of America.  It’s something every child should see.

Reviewed by Shari


It’s a pop up of Mount Rushmore.  So realistic you almost don’t have to go there! Almost.


My Side of the Mountain-Trilogy

by Jean Craighead George

Did any of you ever read My side of the Mountain?  We did in grade school and I’ve loved it ever since.  I’ve passed this book around through my family and my mother loves it just as much as I do.  It deals with a young boy who goes out to the woods to live off the land.  He makes interesting animal friends and creates a wonderful life for himself.

Reviewed by Shari

Shari gave me a copy of this book years ago, and it is one of my favorites of all time.  I can only imagine that I’m this boy again and living my life with nothing but the stars, sun and animals as my neighbors.  Great read for young and old, boy or girl!



The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Great Illustrated Classics

by Mark Twain

Calling all boys!  This is a wonderful version of Mark Twain’s classic.  I believe it has been shortened to be appropriate for young readers.  It has large print and is easy reading but full of adventure!!

Reviewed by Shari


‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Story and pictures by Dav Pilkey

You know the familiar Christmas rhyme. Well, Dav Pilkey turns the sing song verses into a funny story of Children saving turkeys and eating veggies on Thanksgiving Day.

Reviewed by Shari


This First Thanksgiving Day (A Counting Story)

By Laura Krauss Melmed

This is a counting story for the youngest among us! With simple rhymes and beautiful illustrations it brings the story of the first Thanksgiving to those just learning about the tradition.

Reviewed by Shari


Diary of a Worm

by Doreen Cronin

This is a hilarious rhyming story that gives great insight into the life of a young worm. You will learn about his family, his friends and what it’s like to live underground! My son and I read this one over and over when we want to laugh. Our favorite part is his interaction with his sister!

Reviewed by Shari


Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee

By Chris Van Dusen

This is quite a tall tale, and the rhyming is just perfect. Mr. Magee and his pup, Dee have a great adventure in their boat. My favorite part of this story is the illustrations. They are colorful and fun and make you feel like you are there…..or would like to be!

Reviewed by Shari


Russell the Sheep

By Rob Scotton

Russell can’t get to sleep. This is the case with my kids from time to time…even the case with me from time to time. The story is cute and the illustrations are even cuter. There are humorous details that adults will enjoy!

Reviewed by Shari


Mr. Peabody’s Apples

By Madonna

A lovely story that teaches everyone how important the words we say are, and how we should choose them carefully so as not to harm anyone. A good lesson and lovely, lovely illustrations.

Reviewed by Shari


Big Pumpkin

By Erica Silverman

Great for Halloween! A witch is trying to bake a pumpkin pie for Halloween, but it is so big she can’t get it off the vine! Help does come and the results are delicious!

Reviewed by Shari

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