Matt’s Blazin’ Chip Dip is as Hot as You Like

You determine just how hot this blazin’ chip dip gets by the amount of tabasco sauce you add.

My family is the king of chips, potato chips that is.  I grew up in Ohio with the best chips in the world –Tasty Taters (unfortunately they don’t exist any more I guess not everyone agreed with my taste), but when they were available, they ruled.  But a Tasty Tater wasn’t tasty without my favorite chip dip in the world (I live in a very small world), my Mom’s Blazin Chip Dip.   Mom’s dip is made out of three simple ingredients that will make you forget all other dips you have ever tried.



  • Real Sour Cream
  • Chile Sauce
  • Tabasco or any hot sauce
  • Potato Chips

And as far as time involved, you can whip up a batch faster than an American Idol Commercial.



1. Start with a container of sour cream, not the low fat kind, after all we’re talkin’ potato chips here.


2. Add a cup of chile sauce and blend with a fork, you can use a whisk if you want to be fancy about it, but a fork will do quite well.  Once it starts to look like a nice pink color you are almost there, if you taste it, you should taste the chile sauce not the sour cream.


3. Now the kicker, tabasco, not a lot, but again that depends on your acid reflux medication.  I go for a lot, I like it hot, cryin’ hot, but you can start mild and work your way up.


Then well, that’s it.  Start Dippin’!!!!  Call me if you need help puttin’ out the fire!


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