Check Out These Hot Dogs with the Works

hotdog2Hot dogs are meant to be covered in all sorts of different toppings and so we’ve put together some of our favorites for you to consider.

Yes, when Matt comes to my house, all “you-know-what” breaks loose! We don’t go to bed on time, we skip homework, we build things out of the sofa cushions, we make a huge mess everywhere, and when I say “we” you know I’m not talking about me, right?

Well one thing I was involved in was the Wednesday night “Best Dressed Hot Dog Shenanigans”. It actually started at the grocery store buying everything we ever thought of, and things we never thought of, to put on a hot dog. Once we got home and I started cutting up onions, tomatoes, peppers and the like and spooned out sour cream, guacamole, chili and more, I began wondering if my “prone to puking” son was going to be able to participate in these “shenanigans”.

The ingredients were all set out by the time they both came home from school. I was truly surprised when Cam was eager to participate and started right in creating a sour cream, ketchup, ham, blue chips and cheese hot dog with the additions creating a face.

This is the type of thing that sends his teacher grabbing him from the belt in back and holding him over the cafeteria garbage can. What can I say, if he makes it, it isn’t disgusting? The craziest thing is that he DID eat it. He actually thought it was pretty good. The proof will be next time we have hot dogs. I have suggested it as an option since then and he declined… perhaps too recent a memory?


My daughter was much more accommodating. She put together combinations that Matt and I thought would be taste bud provoking like Matt’s chili, cheese and onion rings. Only problem there, he bought some kind of chili with big cubes of meat….YUK! Better to go with classic chili! My one wacky idea was to make a Hawaiian Hot Dog, much like the Hawaiian Pizza. We added ham, pineapple and chopped tomatoes. Very juicy, I think I would cut the amount of pineapple next time and make the pieces smaller so everything blended in a bit better.

We did have our classics, ketchup, mustard and onion…tasty of course, and a very nice mustard with chopped tri-color peppers, attractive and tasty! I ate half of the zucchini, red pepper and feta cheese dog and decided it need a sauce of some sort, as it was a bit too dry.


All in all, our “Best Dressed Hot Dog Shenanigans” was a hit. We all had fun, we all tried something new and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. However, as I check out the refrigerator now, I’m chagrinned at the weird collection of stuff I have to figure out how to eat up….anyone have a great guacamole and sauerkraut recipe???

by Shari and Matt, Cameron and Brittany

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