Make One Dinner – Get Three Meals – Save Time and Money

Meatballs for Dinner -

Learn how to save time and money by making one large meal and turning it into three different meals for the week.

One of the toughest never ending jobs for any parent, aside from laundry, is making dinner!  At least that’s how I feel around my house.  And, if there is anything I can do to make a couple nights a week easier on me, I do it!

Well, here’s an idea I’ve used over the years and maybe it can work for you as well.  I make more of something for the first meal and then use it for several others.

For instance, let’s say I spend a Sunday afternoon making up a big pot of meatballs.


I can use a certain portion of them in Swedish Meatballs to be eaten alone, spread over noodles or even over rice for meal one.
(You can find this recipe in our Food section under main dishes.)

Spaghetti and Meatballs is a favorite in my house for the second meal, and my son absolutely loves Meatball Sandwiches which makes meal three!


Let’s do the same thing only with chicken.  Start with your first meal cooking up a whole bunch of Grilled Chicken or maybe try our Citrus Chicken recipe in our food section under main dishes.


For meal two, cut the leftover chicken into strips and make up some Chicken Quesadillas, also in our Food Section under main dishes.

For meal three, cut the remaining chicken into cubes and add it to your favorite chili recipe for a luscious Chicken Chili!

Another great option for One Meal Three Ways is to start with a beef roast.  I have a beef pot roast recipe that is just the basics, handed down from my Grandmother.  It bakes the roast then has you add carrots and potatoes.  Well, after the initial Pot Roast meal, I could divide the leftover meat into two containers.

The second meal was always Beef Stew.  Use the leftover meat and vegetables along with the gravy and a few seasonings to create a yummy stew.  This goes together quickly since everything is cooked and just needs to be heated through.


Meal three used up the rest of the beef with our EZ Beef Sandwiches.  The recipe for them is located in our Food section under main dishes.


For my vegetarian friends, I often start with a vegetable tray, perhaps from a church function or party at my home.  Once the event is over, I create a very tasty Pasta Primavera by chopping the vegetables into smaller bite sized pieces.


The majority of the leftover vegetables, along with just about any other leftover veggie in my refrigerator go into a yummy Homemade Vegetable Soup!

So, there you have a couple of versions of One Dinner Three Ways.  I hope this inspires you to create this system at home with the meals that your family enjoys.  It will save you a whole lot of time and energy and you’ll be eating great every night!


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