Make the Famous Egg “McMama” at Home


Sound familiar?  Well, it should if you are a fast food customer and you love those egg, ham and cheese on an english muffin breakfast sandwiches.

I believe I have perfected the “at home” version of the famous breakfast sandwich.  My family LOVES it and I do make it for overnight guests to rave reviews.  So why travel out on those chilly mornings for a favorite treat when you can create a worthy imitation right in your own home!  It’s easier than you think, uses slightly different ingredients, and probably saves you money in the long run.  Remember, no gasoline is used to create these breakfast must haves!!



Ingredients List:

  • Thomas’s English muffins
  • Spray butter (use what you like)
  • Boar’s Head Honey Maple Glazed Ham
  • Egg whites
  • Boar’s Head Colby Jack Cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper



1.  Cut an English muffin in half and place it in the toaster.


2.  Add some extra light virgin olive oil to the skillet.


3.  My family tries to stay away from cholesterol if we can…never mind the meat and cheese on this sandwich….so cutting out the yolk is one less bad thing.  We’ve grown to love egg whites and they work great for our Egg McMamas.


4.  For things to time out just right, NOW I go push the English muffins down in the toaster and go back to keeping my eye on the eggs.


5.  When the toaster pops up I quickly add spray butter to the muffin.  Again, trying to save a few calories, but use whatever spray or spread you like.


6.  Add two nice slices of ham on the bottom.


7.  Egg comes next.  I usually try to cut a piece out of the egg into a circle if I can.  (It’s the cook’s right to eat the leftovers!) It doesn’t need much salt, but the pepper adds quite a bit of flavor.


8.  Last but not least, add a slice of cheese! I cut mine in half and overlap for a bit more thickness.  Cap it off with the top to the muffin and for the kid’s I cut it in half.

Just add some fresh fruit and a cup of coffee or juice and you’ve made a breakfast of champions!



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