Restaurant Style Panini Sandwich Made at Home


Paninis can be made with whatever ingredients suit your taste buds and that makes them a family favorite! Everyone gets what they want!

I love sharing recipes.  I think that’s why you see so many new recipes in our Food section.  They are easy to do and we all get so much enjoyment out of them.  As much as I love decorating, cooking takes a lot less time, effort and dollars!!

So, I’m happy to share this Panini recipe with you because it was sent to me by one of our dearest fans.  It looks scrumptious and wouldn’t take too long to pull together if your family has grumbling tummies!!

Ingredients List:

1 package (8-count) Texas Toast style frozen garlic bread
Mozzarella cheese
Variety of cold cuts:  ham, pepperoni, capicola, prosciutto, etc.
(Whatever you like)
Basil (fresh is best, of course)
Balsamic vinegar


1. Start by thawing the garlic bread.  Once it is thawed, brown one side of each slice. Use a grill pan if you have one to get those great grill lines!

2. Build 4 sandwiches, starting with the grilled side of the bread to the inside of the sandwich. Add mozzarella, meats and tomatoes.


Top with another slice of mozzarella if you like and add the top slice of bread, grilled side in!

3. Grill both sides of sandwich, applying pressure with a spatula to help soften the cheese and warm the meats.  Be careful when turning so the sandwiches don’t slide apart.

4. Cut each sandwich in half and serve with small bowl of balsamic vinegar for dipping!

If you have a favorite family recipe that you would like to share with other Matt and Shari fans, send them along with photos to  I will format them and send them back to you for approval and then let everyone enjoy!


*This recipe is used with the permission of Marie M.

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