Ideas for Hosting a Super Bowl Party


Hooray, when the Super Bowl is upon us, that is great because it means party time!

What could be more fun than having a bunch of guys over to watch the game, yelling and carrying on and breaking up your furniture?  Hahaha, oops, did I get carried away there?  Actually, I enjoy the Super Bowl and in the past we have had a nice group of friends over and catered the entire event. (My husband’s idea, not mine, but very thoughtful.) Well, this year, I’m doing it all myself with the help of recipes I’ve gathered over the years, some from our favorite fans who have supported us through the years and recipes that Matt has brought to the table, so to speak.

First and almost foremost, no Super Bowl part is complete without decorations. We all know the guys really appreciate them!  I have some inexpensive football shaped bowls and table decorations that really do add to the fan’s spirit!  They make me happy and since I’m making the food…

But truly, it is the food preparation that occurs before the game that I want to spend most of my time on.  Aside from the expected and always appropriate chips, pretzels and peanuts, I have included about half a dozen recipes that are sure crowd pleasers.


This first one I recently discovered and have since altered a bit to make it even tastier.  I call them EZ Beefies and they go together in less than 30 minutes.

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Obviously, this is a Matt recipe, one that he got from his mother.  This great chip dip tastes just like the name sounds, Matt’s Blazin’ Chip Dip! Honestly, it makes my eyes water and my tummy pucker just thinking about it. Make sure to have lots of drinks on hand, which is rarely a problem on Super Bowl Sunday!!

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Then of course, not to be outdone, Matt has a recipe for his Hot Corned Beef Sandwiches.  Notice the addition of Tabasco in this recipe as well.  Combine this with his dip and I’m surprised any of his friends ever see the whole game!

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For those of you with an interest in meatballs without the pasta, I have borrowed a great Swedish Meatball recipe from one of our long time fans.  She donated quite a few great recipes to a small recipe book that was put together by the gals on our previous message board.

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Well, my son LOVES her Swedish Meatball recipe as well as her Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings.

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Last, but certainly not least, and I will say that it was her Pot O’ Chili recipe that took the cake if you will.  Everyone, adults and children alike went back for seconds.  A single recipe makes about 10 cups and six of us nearly went through the whole thing!

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Of course it’s important to keep in mind that these recipes work very well for a weekday dinner or fun weekend meal regardless of whether there is an important sporting event on the telly!

My family loved the chili so much it’s already been requested and we just finished up the first batch!  But no matter how you use the recipes or when you use them, I’m sure they will tickle your taste buds and keep your friends and family coming back for more!

Three cheers for party foods!!! And many thanks to HGTV for this crazy Super Bowl photo shoot many, many years ago!!

Shari and Matt

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