Use Ribbon to Make Pretty Pinecone Ornaments


Use up leftover ribbon or grab several spools of gorgeous Christmas ribbon and create one of a kind ornaments for your tree this year.

This ornament is one of my favorites to make.  It has a very classy appearance when finished and doesn’t look home made.  It would be a lovely hostess gift if you’re heading to a holiday party, and a collection of 6 would make an excellent gift for a special friend.


Materials List:

  • Egg shaped Styrofoam pieces I used 3” eggs
  • Ribbon of your choice 1” – 1 ½” wide – no wire
  • Coordinating ¼” – 3/8” ribbon for the bow and loop
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Straight pins
  • Hat pins – one per “pinecone”



1. Start by cutting the ribbon into 2” long pieces. Next, with the back side facing up, fold the two bottom corners up to the middle of the top edge of the ribbon creating a triangle shape.  Press in place.  Keep going until you have about 52 pieces.


2. Start covering the egg at the small end by pinning a 2” flat piece to cover the entire end.  Next, pin a triangle so the point of the triangle touches the bottom point of the egg.  Pin one on, directly across from it.  Fill in the two spaces on either side.  The next row will use 8 triangles.


3. First over lap the four triangles already there by about half.  Then, fill in the row by pinning on four more triangles and keep their points at the same level as the first four triangles in row two. Continue in this fashion for about 5 rows working up to the big end of the egg.


4. As the top starts to round off, you can use only four triangles to cover the circle.


5. Top it off with a square piece of ribbon without any raw edges.  Notice I had to pin in a small fold to make the ribbon lay flat on the curved top!


6. The last step is to create a loop for hanging and a pretty bow out of ¼” ribbon.  A long hat pin will hold the loop in place.


These pinecone ornaments are so pretty; you could create a bunch for a nice display in a glass bowl, add a quick holiday greeting and hang them on your neighbor’s front door or hang them on your own tree for all to see!



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