Fun Halloween Games and Party Ideas for Kids


Once you get all of your Halloween decorating in place, why not put on a party to celebrate?  You don’t have to do that much more and you can create a memorable evening for your family and friends.

It’s a little tougher in Florida to look passed the pool and palm trees, but in other areas of the country, this would look great against nature’s background!  I purchased the “Happy Halloween” banner with matching plates and napkins, ordered up a couple of veggie trays, cheese and fruit, and had pizza for the kids.  I also invited the adults to attend because I figured why should the kids have all the fun?

Plus, each parent could look after their own child instead of me watching all of them!  Ulterior motive!


My normal Halloween décor made the table of goodies look just right.  A skeleton head or two, a black candelabra full of spider webbing, and some candy was all the kids were looking for!

The party was actually a belated birthday party for my son.  His birthday is in August, and since most of his friends are out of town during the summer, this was a great time to have it.

I made up an agenda so everyone knew what to expect and a great time was had by all.


I’ll share the line-up with you since it all worked out so nicely.  As you can see the first order of business is the “Ghouls Arrive”.  While this was happening we shared “Treats and Tricks” from the snack table and some of the children put on their bathing suits.  We did “Swim in the Moat” but you may want to skip this event!!

When everyone had arrived, the kid’s all got into their Halloween costumes for the party to begin.  (In the meantime, we adults were having beverages and snacks and having a roaring good time!)


My daughter helped with the games.  We started with “Toss for Treats” where the kids were tossing pennies into a witch’s cauldron.  Each child had ten pennies – the ghoul who got the most pennies in the cauldron was the winner.

“Halloween Who am I?” entailed creating cards printed with a Halloween shape that we got off of clip art on the internet.  One child stood up and had a shaped taped to his or her back.  He or she then asked the rest of the kids “yes” and “no” questions to gather information about their shape until they were able to guess what it was.  The adults even got into this one!


The “Skeleton Race” game was made by finding a skeleton on the internet.  It had to be one whose arms, legs, torso and head could be cut apart.  We found one and printed up enough for each child to have one.  We then cut the skeletons apart and tossed all the bones in a pile in the middle of this very long hallway in my home.  One team of kids lined up at one end and another team lined up opposite them.  I stood in the laundry room which opened to the hall right where the skeleton bones were piled.  I also placed two containers of tape near the pile.

The object of the game was to run to the center, find a torso, a head, two arms and two legs and reassemble the skeleton using tape.  Once you finish you run back to your team and the next ghoul tries to put together a skeleton.  This game got totally out of hand as far a volume is concerned and therefore I felt it was a tremendous success!

As for prizes, I didn’t have any for the games I mentioned above because I didn’t want to hurt feelings and I really wanted them to just enjoy the fun of the games.  We did fill cute Halloween jars with candy, “Halloween Candy Guess”, and even got the parents involved in guessing how many pieces of candy corn or peanut m&m’s were in the jars.  Adult winners received gift cards to the movies and child winners received the container of candy!


Witch “Craft” was a table full of Halloween crafts available for the kid’s to make.  Once the games were done, I wanted them to settle down a bit before eating.  They took turns making a variety of spiders out of pom-poms and other spooky crafts while those that weren’t crafting were watching a Halloween movie.


Ghostly Grub followed and was just what you expect for kids; pizza and chicken fingers.  Of course they could dig into the fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers as well.  But for the adults, I had a caterer bring some wonderful party foods that only the adults could appreciate.  It was a fabulous party within a party and we all had a great time.

The party was supposed to end on “Halloween Birthday Cake” and everyone would go home happy and fulfilled.  However, here’s the one snafu.  The parents didn’t want to leave!  They stayed and stayed and ate and ate and I did have to “punt” to come up with something to entertain the kids for a while.  Movies worked great since most of them were pretty tired by this time!  Eventually, the party did end and we all had so much fun we are making it a Hiller tradition!

Halloween Fun for the Entire Neighborhood! Here’s an idea you might want to consider if you need a Halloween tradition that gets the entire neighborhood involved.  The idea is to create a picture of a ghost named “Boo” and write up the poem I’ll share with you.  You take “Boo” and the poem along with a treat to two of your neighbors and hang it on their door.  Do this when no one is watching so the ghostly deliverer isn’t revealed!


Your neighbors should recreate two of the “Boo’s” and two of the poems, along with treats and deliver them to two other homes in the neighborhood.  The important thing is to keep your “Boo” hanging on your front door so everyone knows who has or hasn’t been “Boo’d”!

Make sure to start this about the middle of the month and see just how far the “Boo-ing” spreads by Halloween!



You can make this as project oriented or a quick as you like.  I’ve created two options for you.

For the “project oriented” version, (otherwise known as the time consuming version) you can make up door hangers with the “Boo” character and instructions on one sheet and the poem on another.  Hang your “treats” in a Halloween goodie bag or zip-lock baggie from ribbons tied to the door knob.


For the quickie version, skip the poem altogether and simply draw the ghost on a piece of paper and write down the instructions.  Just don’t skip the treats.  Remember, it is what Halloween is all about!!

So for those of you interested, here are the instructions and then the poem.

Directions for “Booing”

1. Enjoy your Treat!
2. Make 2 copies of “Boo” and the poem.
3. Put your “Boo” back on your front door.
4. Within 24 hours, secretly deliver “Boos”, poems and treats to 2 neighbors that don’t have “Boo” on their door.
5. Watch how far this spreads by Halloween!

Boo to You!

The air is cool, the season Fall
Soon Halloween will come to all.
The spooks are after things to do
In fact, a spook brought this to you!

“Boo” is a shield from the witching hour
Just hang it up and watch its power
On your front door is where it’s nice
So other spooks don’t “Boo” you twice!

The treats that came with cryptic note
Are yours to keep – even the tote!
The power comes when friends like you
Will copy this and make it TWO!

Then secretly deliver them to
Friends whose doors don’t have a “Boo”!
We’ll all have smiles upon our face
No one will know who Boo’d whose place!

And don’t forget a nifty treat
like something cute or something sweet!
Please join the fun; let’s really hear it!
And spread some Boo’s and Halloween Spirit!

I hope you find something among these ideas that’s strikes a cord with you and that you truly enjoy the fall season.

Happy Haunting!


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