Make your own Halloween Tree and Ornaments


Get the kids involved making ornaments for this fantastic Halloween tree that can go in the entry or be the centerpiece on your dining table.

I think I could work on Halloween projects all year long.  I don’t know if it’s the colors that attract me, because I do use both black and orange accents in my home, or if it’s that I like cats and pumpkins!  Whatever the reasons, I did have a blast putting this spooky (or not so spooky) Halloween tree together.

I started with leftovers and that always makes me feel better about a holiday project.  If you have checked out my Fall Leaf Wreath, you’ll recognize these leaf stems.  These are the leftover stems and a few leaves that I didn’t use in the wreath.  So, instead of throwing them away, I was determined to put them to good use – and here they are.  I also tried to use things we crafters always have around the house.  So if you don’t have a particular material, find something else around your home that will work…the less we pay for our creations…the better!


Materials List:

  • Vase
  • 5-6 branches with or without leaves
    (your preference)
  • Fiberfil or cotton balls
  • Grey floral moss
  • Tissues or felt
  • String, yarn, or hemp cord
  • Craft foam in Halloween colors
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Craft glue
  • Thread
  • Needles



1. Start by spreading the branches of your stems out so they will fill some space.  Notice I bent the bottom end up.  This is going to help keep the branches in place in the vase I’ve chosen.


2. Arrange the branches or stems in the vase in a manner that pleases you and then use a material, (I used craft fiberfill) to push down into the vase and hold the stems in place.  If you don’t have a narrow neck vase like mine you may need to use green floral foam or white Styrofoam.

The basic tree is complete now.  I will add the moss later because it is so messy.  I don’t want moss all over the place while I’m trying to make the ornaments.  I decided to use only three different types of ornaments because I almost see the leaves as an ornament.  I did make other but stuck with just the three. Here’s the ones I tried and how I made them but use your imagination and available materials to make your own designs!

Spooky Ghost


The Spooky Ghost is made up of tissues, a tiny bit of craft fiberfill, hemp cord for jewelry making and a fine point sharpie.


Simply lay the tissue flat and set a small ball of the craft fiberfill in the center.  Have a piece of cord or yarn available, about 10” long.


Fold the tissue over the fiberfill and twist a bit to create a ghost head shape.  Wrap the neck with the cord or yarn, leaving one short end and one long end.  Use these ends to tie the cord tight.


Now you can use the cording to create a loop that will allow you to hang the ghost from the tree.  Once you make and tie the loop, cut the extra cording ends off close to the knot.


Create a spooky or funny face with the sharpie and hang your ghosts!

Happy Pumpkin


I find that cookie cutters are marvelous templates for all sorts of craft projects.  I have a huge plastic bin full of them from hand me downs that my mom and grandmothers gave me.  Get to a flea market and beef up your supply!!  So, use a cookie cutter pumpkin and trace it onto orange craft foam!


You do have to add your own embellishments, but that’s not that difficult.  Look for ideas in catalogs and children’s books.  I just used craft glue to attach the rest of the foam décor.


Once the décor was added and the glue had dried, I used a large eyed needle and threaded the hemp cording through it.  I then pierced through the stem of the pumpkin and tied a loop for hanging.


The pumpkin does look adorable on the tree, but this is the one ornament I decided not to use.  My kids think I need to make a few more and add them.  I think THEY need to make a few more and add them!!

Candy Corn


Candy corn was easy.  There is an orange foam back and then the three colors to make the stripes are glued on top.  I kept these smaller so there were different sized ornaments, which is better from an interest and scale standpoint.  So, I had to make more of these.  Use that large needle to add a loop through the white top.

Black Catshaltree15

Black cats are just as easy as pumpkins if you have a black cat cookie cutter!!  Trace this little darling and cut him out of craft foam.


A paint marker doesn’t want to adhere well to the foam because the foam won’t soak it up, I think.  However, because of this, it leaves and interesting effect of a clear glossy area and then a little dot of white.  More like an eye than an opaque white dot would be so I liked it.  I did recoat a couple times to get the effect I wanted.


Heavy Duty thread works great for whiskers!  I cut three pieces about 4” long and threaded all three into a needle with a larger eye.  I just punched into the front and then up from the back, removed the needle and cut the whiskers to length.


Same idea with the large eyed needle and the hemp cording used to create a loop to hang the kitty from the tree!


The last step is to add the grey, drippy moss to the vase.  This is a great Halloween effect, but remember, it is very messy.  Cover your surface and keep your cats away from it!

I hope you have a ghostly good time making a tree and ornaments of your own!  Let me see some photos if you get real creative!



  1. Mary says

    I made one of these spooky trees a few years ago and put some “bats” on the tree also. I made them of duct tape. It was pretty cute.

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