30 Ideas for Dad This Father’s Day


You know you can do better than a tie this year, so take alittle time to browse through these 30 ideas…one has to be right for your Dad! 

This Hallmark card says it all, and for most Dads, this is all they need.  However, Matt and I were discussing Father’s Day gift ideas and although I may be writing this article, Matt is the one that had all the great Father’s Day ideas.  I think he was actually hinting to me to tell my kids what they could get him!  They are wonderful ideas, and any Dad would be thrilled to get any one of them.  This year we’re trying to get kids to remember that Dad is important every day of the year so let’s try to extend Father’s Day a bit.  Be kind, help out, and tell Dad how much you appreciate him.  And for most Dads…..that’s all they want anyways!!!

The suggestions below were based on our thoughts that Dad usually needs help with some things, like style, his health, and even his hobbies.  He works so hard to make a great life for his family that we need to take care of him sometimes too.  Read on and get inspired, use our ideas or come up with some of your own! Don’t worry.  You’ll come up with something, and here are 30 ideas, one for everyday of the month to help you get those creative juices flowing!

Family Golf Tournament…why not combine two of Dad’s favorite things…family and golf!  Find your nearest miniature golf center and give Dad a round on you!  Extra bonus is that most miniature golf places have treats for afterwards.  Everyone’s a winner!

A Break from the Grill…OK, admit it, you DO know how to use the grill.  I finally had to break down and use it because my husband is out of town so much.  And when I cook something out there without begging him to start the grill and hand him the plate of “grillables”……well, let’s just say he’s thrilled!


An Indiana Jones Hat…Yes, this was Matt’s idea, but doesn’t every guy want to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones.  And you don’t have to be in your 20’s or 30’s as we’re finding out with the new movie that’s out.  I bought one for my son and he looks fabulous!  I’ll bet Dad will too!

Summer Skin Care Kit…Families always look out for the children first when it comes to sunscreen and skin care.  Mom certainly knows more about skincare than Dad ever will, but he needs just as much protection and care as the rest of the family. Many makeup counters in department stores can help you learn more about a skincare line for Dad.  They may even give you tester sizes to make sure Dad’s skin reacts well to the ingredients before you buy lots of bottles of stuff that can’t be returned!

Sound Reducing Stereo Headset…Does Dad go walking?  Jogging?  Mow the Lawn?  Maybe he would enjoy a headset that would give him his type of music or news or sports to listen to while doing his chores or exercise.


Vitamins…How dedicated is Dad to taking his vitamins?  Does he even have any?  Well, with a little research you could buy Dad a tray filled with all sorts of healthy stuff.  Find a vitamin developed for a man of his age.  Go to a vitamin shop and get the skinny on anything else Dad might need.  He’ll thank you as he starts feeling stronger and sharper!

Personalized Golf, Tennis, or Bowling Ball…Guys are always interested in something personalized.  Choose Dad’s favorite hobby and have his initials put on the equipment, a shirt or perhaps a hat or visor.  We all know he’s the “World’s Best Dad”, so maybe the initials are enough!


Closet Makeover….Every woman would kill for one of these, but it’s probably Dad that needs it the most.  Does he really need 35 old T-shirts?  Most have shrunk and are out of shape….What about those 30 pairs of socks, or I guess I mean those 30 stray socks that don’t have mates anymore!  Get in there and clean Dad’s closet out.  Allow him the courtesy of looking through the bag of junk, I mean stuff, that you are getting rid of so he can salvage anything that really has meaning to him.  (Just limit it to a few garments!)

Computer Cleanup…It doesn’t cost that much to get someone (check out the Geek squad at Best Buy) to clean up Dad’s computer.  This removes viruses, and all the extra junk that ends up on your computer, making it run sluggishly.  A good clean-up will first download your files onto a disk so nothing is lost and then they’ll scrub away.  Ask Dad first, but I’m sure he’ll be excited about this one.

A CD of Dad’s Favorite Music…I’m sure someone in your family has the ability to burn CD’s….every teen I know can do this with their eyes closed.  How great it would be for Dad to have a CD of his favorite type of music to enjoy while working around the house or to play in the car on the way to work!


6 New White T-shirts….Every man needs at least 6 clean, new white T-shirts.  They either go under their work shirts or they can be used to lounge around the house or to sleep in.  Cotton breathes and is a good absorber.  They are comfortable and look great under button down casual wear as well.  Keep these looking good and you’ll always have something to wear.

Manicure….OR Pedicure…If you don’t pay to have this done, who’s going to do it?  Now Dad might feel funny about both of these, but once he tries it…..you’ll be set for life with a gift idea for him ‘cause he’ll LOVE it.  Plus, approach it this way; it’s very healthy for your nails to be cleaned, groomed and buffed.  It’s not vanity, it’s like going to the finger and toe-nail doctor…..try that one!


Runner’s ID…Matt turned me on to these and I got one for my husband and daughter at Christmas.  They both go out to walk or jog, and if anything would happen to them, how would anyone know who they were?  Well, the ID gives their name and phone number of who to call in an emergency.  Don’t let your loved ones go out without them.  Pick up a blinking light too in case they go out at night.  Look for these at this website www.RoadID.com

Wash Dad’s Car…OK, here’s something that doesn’t cost a thing, just a bit of your time.  We all know Dad’s love a clean car but most of them are too busy to make it happen.  He will LOVE having a vacuumed and polished interior, a sparkling clean exterior and shining tires.  If you can’t do it yourself, you could make an appointment and have his care professionally detailed.  Either way, he’ll be thrilled.


A GPS…This is going on my list for sure.  Why?  Because there will be no more arguments about directions.  A woman owes it to herself to get her husband a GPS.  Is it expensive?  Yes it is.  But isn’t everything that’s worth it?  Just imagine, no more passing by gas stations thinking the answer is just moments away….the GPS will give you ALL the answers.  It will help you find lodging, places to eat, shop, everything you could possibly want.  I’m telling you….this is the gift that keeps on giving!


A Book for Dad…Does your Dad read?  Wouldn’t he like another great mystery or war novel to while away the hours in the evening?  We can all get lost in a good book and sometimes we need a place to escape for a while.  If you don’t know what Dad will like, pick up a gift card at the local bookstore.  This gives him two gifts:  the fun of browsing the bookstore and the hours of enjoyable reading.

Reading Glasses…Maybe Dad isn’t reading because his eyesight is changing.   How about an appointment to get his eyes checked and then some help from you selecting really cool reading glasses?

Shaving Kit Update…I can’t speak for myself, but Matt believes every guy needs their shaving kit updated.  I guess they let it go until the razor is rusty and the whole kit becomes a lethal weapon….don’t ask questions, just replace the stuff!!!

A Massage… Dad would LOVE a massage.  Just be ready to make this more than a yearly event.  Once he has one he’ll be asking for it for every holiday that comes along, Columbus Day and Grandparent’s Day included!


Shoe Shine…I understand, although I’ve never done it myself, that having your shoes shined (while still wearing them) is a great experience.  Many business men do this all the time.  However, you can have all Dads dress and casual shoes shined for him at a shoe repair shop or sometimes even a drycleaner offers this service.  Check your yellow pages for a location near you.  This will impress Dad as much as his colleagues!

Buy him a Toy…Matt suggests a Lionel Train or some other nostalgic toy that he remembers from his childhood. Just go online to look for manufacturers of old time toys.  Some of them still might be made, like Lincoln Logs or even an Erector set!

Hobby Supplies…I think most people have a hobby and you surely know what Dad’s is.  Add to it.  Make up a gift basket of new movies and some boxes of his favorite candy if he’s a movie junkie.  There are all kinds of Dad’s out there…is he a sports buff?  Music lover?  Crossword puzzle genius?  You get the picture!


New Briefcase…This one I totally get.  My husband carries a briefcase until it looks like a month old carcass at the side of the road.  Why? I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the same as us not giving up our very favorite purse….I do have one or two that need to go.  Well for Dad, now’s the time.  Investigate the types of storage his current one offers, and match it as closely as possible.  There must be something marvelous about it that makes him not want to let go!

Good Sunglasses…How old are Dad’s sunglasses?  Are they made to cut out the sun’s harmful rays?  Check it out and find Dad a pair that’s good for the health of his eyes and something that’s stylin’!

Hose and Nozzle…And maybe it’s just the nozzle Dad needs.  Is he holding his thumb over the opening to send out a spray?  Then it’s time to outfit Dad with a cool, new hose nozzle.  They do so many things today, and face it, you could put this in the TOY category if you want because you know he’ll be out there playing with it, shooting bugs, writing his name….

A New Flashlight…I really think this one is here because Matt owns more flashlights than I’ve ever seen displayed in ANY store we’ve ever been in together.  He is like a boy scout and always prepared, but are flashlights REALLY that cool?  Buy one for Dad and find out!

Weight Balls…In exercise today, it’s all about building up your core.  Weight balls are a great way to get that done.  Basically just heavy balls the size of a basketball, you use them to strengthen stomach, torso and arm muscles.  The gut is cute, but we’d rather have Dad healthy!


Magazine Subscription…something that keeps on giving all year round is a magazine subscription.  Matt’s favorite is “Men’s Health”, but there are magazines about managing money, style, health and fitness, gardening, food.  Find one that Dad might enjoy and bring exciting new stories and information to him 12 times this year!

Tropical Shirt…Why not?  Summer’s on the way, fun times are ahead, should Dad dress the part?  I think if Dad has a hard time loosening up, a tropical shirt will help.  Start with an inexpensive one if you’re just testing the waters with him, or go high class if this is right up Dad’s alley!


Classic Polo Shirts…Then there’s the Dad that wouldn’t be caught anywhere in a tropical shirt.  So, a very nice polo in a color that enhances his coloring would be the perfect summer wardrobe gift.  (Maybe try a tropical color?)

Whatever you decide to wrap up for Dad, as long as it’s full of love, anything will do! Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere!

Shari and Matt


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