Mix Flowers and Flags for a Memorial Day Centerpiece


Simply select your favorite summer flowers and ceramic pitcher, then drss them up with the addition of holiday flags and your centerpiece is finished!

As I often enjoy doing things differently, I wanted to bring new colors into my Memorial Day décor, and when I found these orange and yellow mums, I knew I had something going on!  All I had to do was hold up the miniature flags to them and I was on a roll.  Here’s how I put this centerpiece together.

Materials List:

Red, White or Blue Pitcher
Multiple small flags, at least a dozen
Summer flower mixture live or in silk


Side Note:

My crackled off white pitcher has come in handy for so many floral arrangements.  You know how that is, you get a couple of perfect containers that fit your style and they stay with you the rest of your life.  They are comforting and familiar….I love that feeling.  The sad news is after I photographed this my kitten jumped on the table and knocked it over.  I’m sorry to say the crackled vase is no more.



1. Anyway, grab your favorite floral container and start by adding the flowers.  I selected yellow and orange because I thought the cooler red, white and blue of the flags would really stand out against the warmer tones and I think I was right!


2. I began with the larger orange flowers first, making sure I had taller stems in the center and gradually lowering and even bending the flowers down around the spout of the pitcher.  This doesn’t have to be perfect, just in a general rounded shape.  In this arrangement I didn’t use anything to hold the flowers.  I simply bent the stems and allowed the mass of twining bent stems to create a “pick up sticks” arrangement in the pitcher to hold things in place.  The secondary yellow flowers came in next to fill in and help continue the mass of stems that holds everything together.


3. The last step was the flags.  The 4” by 6” size was perfect for my arrangement, and about 8 or 9 of them were just right.  If the wooden dowels they are attached too aren’t long enough for the center ones to stay in place, add a floral pick to the bottom with some wire and it will make them stand up nicely.

I hope you enjoy putting together a colorful Memorial Day centerpiece.  I liked mine so well I’m going to have to get busy and find another crackled vase so I can keep it up for the summer!


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