Over 30 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

After reading these great ideas for presents for mom on Mother’s Day, you might want to do more than just one!

Matt and I believe that Mom’s deserve more than just one day a year of pampering.  So, this month, why not treat Mom on all five Sundays.  I know that ideas are hard to come by, so here is a list I created, coming from the mind of a Mom.  All you have to do is think like your Mom for a few minutes.  Consider what her favorite things are to do, has she mentioned wanting to see or try anything?  Don’t worry.  You’ll come up with something, and here are 31 ideas, one for everyday of the month to help you get those creative juices flowing!

Time with friends…women don’t get enough time to be with other women.  They need a little group girl time now and then to validate things that they are feeling or to hear that others are going through some of the same things as they are


A Good Book to read….help your Mom relax with a great book.  This Mother’s Day give her a gift certificate to the local book store.  Allow her the time to shop freely and then plump up the pillow on her favorite chair for a relaxing evening of quiet reading.

Quiet time…is all that it’s cracked up to be.  Maybe take the entire family out grocery shopping and doing errands so Mom can sleep in or use the time her way on a Saturday morning!

A Note from your Husband…It doesn’t have to be a poem, it doesn’t have to be gushy, just a few lines that remind her you love her, you would marry her again and that the life you have built together is so much better than you could have dreamed.

A Visit with Mom…that’s right, a visit with her Mom is a great way to celebrate the month.  Maybe a special luncheon and museum trip or shopping would bring them even closer together as they exchange stories of their true loves….their children!


A Hot Bubbly Bath…and let’s see, what goes with that?  A glass of wine?  Soft music?  Have you tried bathing by candlelight?  Well give her a chance to try; you’ll be loved for the extra effort!

A Lovely Dinner out with her Husband…For once, you plan this and let her just go along for the ride.  You know who the babysitter is, you know her favorite foods, and you know she might like a new spot in town.  Make one evening special this way.  She is the one you chose to pamper for the rest of your life!!


Help her with her Hobby…Does Mom ever wish she had learned to play the piano?  Learned how to paint or sew?  Make arrangements for a lesson or two to give her the opportunity to decide if she’s really missing anything!

A Wardrobe Makeover…There is no woman in the world that doesn’t want an expert to help her with her wardrobe.  Check a local department store for a personal shopper or stylist who can check out her closet for her and help her add new things that will make her feel better than she’s felt in years!

Sign up for Classes… you don’t have to do it for her, but pick up your local adult education class pamphlet and let her see that you are willing to let her expand her horizons.  A class in French cooking, Publishing, or Tennis anyone?


Make a Scrapbook…There are options here.  Either do the scrapbook yourself, or if Mom would love the experience herself, gather all the materials, books, lettering, glues, scissors and pictures and sign her up for a Saturday clinic on making scrapbooks!

A Beauty Makeover…sometimes all we need is a fresh start to get our blood pumping again.  Mom might love a day at the beauty shop getting a new hair style, color, or perm.  You know, a pedicure and manicure would help too!

No Laundry all Month…this is a tough one but I know you can do it.  Can you imagine Mom’s joy to not have to do the laundry ALL month!  Someone tell my family about this one!

Free Dinner Mondays…pick a day during the week that Mom always has to cook.  Maybe select the middle of the week to give her a break and make up dinner for her for a change.

Picture Day…perhaps Mom would like to have a glamour shot done of her.  Many of us think we might be in the prime of our lives and although we don’t say it might like to preserve the moment.  The kid’s always get their pictures taken to mark off time, maybe its Mom’s turn.


Gift Cards Galore…You can buy gift cards for just about any place near you right in line at the grocery store.  Have you seen those kiosks?  Well, why not grab a bunch of inexpensive ones that would give a dinner and a movie, a cute little trinket at her favorite home store and a pair of shoes?  What a fun day of spending for her!

A Professional House Cleaning…Sure you could hire one for the month, or a couple months, or a year…..but even one really good housecleaning that would include cleaning the stove or refrigerator and the windows….what a great way to get ready for summer!

A Massage…many women have never had a massage or are fearful of the whole experience.  Tell Mom she doesn’t know what she’s missing and schedule something nice for her.  Remember, the masseuse will be as gentle as she wants.


A Gardening Gift…Does Mom love to be in the garden?  How about checking out her tools.  Does she need a new bag, new trowel, and a pad for her knees maybe?

A Personal Trainer…a month of a personal trainer is a great way to jump start an exercise program.  Even a month membership to a ladies workout club…than at least we don’t have to face the guys!!

Season Passes…is Mom just as much of a sports nut as you?  Or, maybe she would LOVE to have season tickets to the local performing arts center….now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!

A Surprise Picnic…Wouldn’t Mom love to go to the park?  Pick out a pretty spot by a stream, layout the picnic blanket and all the picnic trimmings.  Go for a hike; bring the camera and record then entire day!

Breakfast on the Porch…I only say this because I can’t stand the idea of eating in bed, However, if your Mom likes the idea, try a month of Saturday breakfasts in bed!


A Mother’s Charms…have you ever thought of starting a charm bracelet for Mom?  Well maybe this is the year.  They do come in handy for all other occasions throughout the year.  You can slowly recreate memories in her life with the hundreds of different charms that are available today.  She’ll love it the rest of her life.

Organization…How can you give the gift of organization?  Get started on the kitchen junk drawer…move to the medicine cabinet….straighten out the linen closet.  Seriously, efforts to clean things up will never go unappreciated.

A Quiet Nap Time…Let Mom pick her favorite spot in the house to nap and then turn off the ringer on the phone and go away.  Give her a couple of hours of peace and quiet.  You could even pick up dinner on the way home!


A Hobby Getaway…What could be more fun for Mom than a short trip to a nearby town that is having a craft and spa getaway.  I know they are available for scrapbooking and quilt making.  Check on line for different craft conventions or getaways!

A Themed Gift Basket…Do you know your Mom at all?  If you do, select something that you know she loves to do and fill a basket with gift items that support that love.  Could it be a sewing basket?  A basket with all the fixings to go to the movies?  A craft basket with new scissors, glues, glue sticks, ribbons, stuff?


Kitchen Gadget Upgrades…I know I could use a couple of new sharp knives, a new pair of kitchen scissors, an updated wine opener, a non-rusty potato peeler…..any other Mom’s need a kitchen gadget update?

New Lingerie…I know it seems silly, but we Mom’s sometimes let our lingerie go too long.  A gift certificate to the local department store will give us a day to go get new undies and finally get rid of all those with ripped up lace!

A Hug…nothing says “I Love You, Mom” more than a hug that comes out of the blue.  My little boy is wonderful at this.  He comes into the office at just the right moment and says “I’m just here to give you a hug!”  It makes you understand in an instant what being a Mom is all about!

Hopefully there was something in the list that sounds just perfect for your Mom.  If not, hand-make something, anything, use paper or photos, flowers or stamps.  For Pete’s Sake, buy a card…..it doesn’t have to be much ‘cause Mom loves you no matter what!

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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