28 Great Gift Suggestions for Your Valentine

Running out of time to surprise your sweetie with a special Valentine gift? Here’s 28 ideas to get your creative juices flowin…good luck!

I must reveal that I am not a hopeless romantic.  I’m a more practical person and because of this I think I’ve missed out on some meaningful moments.  However, every sad beginning must have a happy ending, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Well, putting this article together helped me come up with some easy ideas for my children and spouse and at the same time showed me that I can be a bit more romantic than I thought!  Yeah for me!

So, here are the ideas Matt and I have thought up that would make us both happy on Valentine’s Day.  They really are very simple and because of that I’m sure there are things here that would make you and your family happy as well.  Extravagance is out, Meaningful is in!


1. Make a Lollipop Bouquet.  This simple project means you have to go to the store and find pretty lollipops.  Once home, fill a small vase with sand, red hots, or I used sugar.  Pop the candy into the vase and add a ribbon.  Place a Valentine card next to it and you’re done….but in style!

2. Hide a Card. A hidden Valentine card or note in a lunchbox, briefcase, or coat pocket is a nice surprise in the middle of the day if you can’t be together.

3. Cook a Favorite Meal. Matt and I think this is one of the BEST ways to a man or woman’s heart….right through the stomach!  My children love meatloaf.  I know, that sounds crazy, but it’s an easy meal to make and it doesn’t hurt that I use tomato sauce on top to add some “red” to the occasion!


4. Movie Gift Cards! I’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day rarely comes on a Friday or Saturday when it is easy to go out and celebrate.  So, movie gift cards show what you’re thinking about but can be used at a more convenient time.  Be prepared though, your wife might take a girlfriend instead!!!

5. Traditional Dozen Roses. Yes, it seems cliché, but there is nothing wrong with tradition.  You can spice it up a bit by purchasing roses in chocolate instead of the garden variety!  Or, send as many roses as years you’ve been married, make it symbolic.


6. Make a Beautiful Bed. Don’t you feel better when the sheets are clean and crisp?  Well, it’s even nicer when you aren’t the one who had to do it, so making a pretty bed for someone else is a lovely gift.  Bring in the flowers, candy and cards for the nightstand and enjoy some quiet time together.

7. A Special Breakfast. Pancakes are a special treat in my house because we don’t think to make them that often.  If you plan ahead, you can pull together the mix, some berries, and your heart shaped cookie cutters.  Once the pancakes are cooked, cut out heart shapes and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Berries and syrup on the side and you’re done!  Extra credit goes to those who cut a heart stencil out of cardboard and dust the pancake with a powdered sugar heart!


8. Favorite Treats. Now I know that you know what candies or snacks are your spouse’s favorites.  You can’t get even a bite if those goodies are in the house.  So, promise not to eat a one, and fill a plate, a bowl, the refrigerator with your loved one’s favorites….and don’t forget the accompanying sentiment!

9. A Family Night.  Valentine’s Day is for the entire family as well as your spouse and there is time for both.  Set aside some time after dinner to play a game that is a family favorite.  Remember that it is Valentine’s Day and compliment each other even if they are trouncing you!

10. Switch Duties. It gets to be a drag doing the same chores all the time.  For the week of Valentine’s Day why not switch up duties.  Men, do the cooking.  Ladies, take out the garbage!  Guys do some wash!  Gals, fill up the gas tank!

11. A Spa Date…for Him! Although they are afraid to admit it, the idea of going to a spa with massages, pedicures, and facials – basically – pampering, probably sounds pretty good to some guys.  If your man is up for it, go together and enjoy the time together.


12. Sentimental Books. A small seasonally appropriate book is always a good idea.  It can be brought out for years to come to remember when the gift was given.  Many of them are full of lovely sentiments that might be just what you wanted to say!

13. Colors and Shape. Actually, anything in red, pink, or in a heart shape will make a perfect Valentine gift.  For instance, school folders in pink and red tied with bow, heart shaped candles, white undies and socks with a bag of red hot candies included, and the list goes on.  Just dress it up with ribbons, bows, candies and cards and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated!


14. Make a Photo Album.  It doesn’t take that long to select a few of your favorite photos of you and your spouse or your whole family.  Now this isn’t a scrapbook, it’s a quick and easy photo album for your loved one to browse through and share with others anytime they’d like.


15. Bake up a Double Treat! Why a double treat?  The taste and the aroma of course!  If you check out our food section you will find fun instructions for making heart shaped treats.  However, baking isn’t just sweets.  Homemade breads and rolls are made less frequently and can become an even bigger treat!


16. Draw a Relaxing Bath. No, not for you, for someone else.  Get the candles lit, the bath beads close at hand, dim the lights and fill it to the brim with bubbly hot water!  While your Valentine is soaking, take a clean towel and toss it in the dryer to warm it up as well.  Wow, I got the shivers just thinking about it.  Winter nights are the perfect time for hot baths!

17. Hand Write a Letter.  Come on now, yes, I mean on real stationary, not lined yellow legal pad.  This isn’t so much about a love letter as it is about giving some time of yourself to say hello to someone out there who might be lonely or just surprised to hear from you.  When did you write to your grandmother last?  A parent? A friend? They are a wonderful gift to receive.


18. Wash the Dishes. If you don’t normally have dish duty, it’s nice to lend more than a helping hand – do it all yourself.  Send your significant other to the TV or their favorite book and clean up the kitchen.  You may find you like the time to yourself and can start a new tradition!

19. Remember your Pets! All pets want love and on Valentine’s Day you can give them a little extra.  I have kitty treats that I usually hang out in the evening to corral my “pride” into the garage for night time.  However, Valentine’s Day, (along with every other holiday) is a nice time to give a treat or two throughout the day so they are reminded that they are special.


20. Make a Special Cover Up. When my daughter was away at college she missed many of the holidays at home.  So, to make up for them, I would do something extra special for her and send it.  One year I made a flannel blankie for her out of Valentine’s fabric. This was years ago, and she still uses it today!

21. Buy a Toy. Matt suggests a Lionel Train or some other nostalgic toy that he remembers from his childhood for him.  For her, maybe a replica of her favorite doll, a special game from her early years.  Just go online to look for old time toys.  Some might still be made, like Lincoln Logs or the Mystery Date Game!

22. Computer Cleanup. It doesn’t cost that much to get someone (check out the Geek squad at Best Buy) to clean up your loved one’s computer.  This removes viruses, and all the extra junk that ends up on your computer, making it run sluggishly.  A good clean-up will first download your files onto a disk so nothing is lost and then they’ll scrub away.  This may be a gift you’ll need to ask about first.  But once it’s complete, you’re gift will truly be appreciated!


23.  A Closet Makeover. Every woman (and man) would kill for one of these. And I mean get in there and get rid of some stuff. Does he really need 35 old T-shirts?  Does she?  Most have shrunk and are out of shape….What about those 30 pairs of socks, or I guess I mean those 30 stray socks that don’t have mates anymore!  Get in there and clean your Valentine’s closet out.  Allow them the courtesy of looking through the bag of junk, I mean stuff, that you are getting rid of so they can salvage anything that really has meaning.  (Just limit it to a few garments!)  Now go check out our Closet Organization article in Around the House to learn how easy it is to install a new closet system.

24. A Themed Gift Basket. Do you know your Valentine at all?  If you do, select something that you know he or she loves to do and fill a basket with gift items that support that love.  Could it be a sewing basket?  A basket with all the fixings to go to the movies?  A basket full of hunting, bowling, or golfing stuff?  This would be as much fun to put together as it would be to receive.


25. Name a Star.  That’s exactly right.  You can actually name a star after your loved one.  I heard about it on the radio just a couple days ago.  You can go to www.nameastar.net to get information about it, or just Google “name a star” and you’ll see many websites to go to so you can impress your Valentine!

26. Make Something…Anything! Yes, anything homemade or “from the heart” is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Can you sing or play the guitar or piano?  The write a song and perform it for your loved one.  Can you sew? Build in the shop? Write poetry?  A simple poem, silly as it might seem will stay with your Valentine for years to come.


27. A Trip to the Bookstore! This is one of my favorite things to do.  An offer to go to a bookstore multiplies the gift!  There’s the time spent together at the bookstore browsing for hours perhaps in every corner of the store. There’s the cup of coffee and some bakery that any self respecting bookstore offers and the inevitable purchase.  What fun for both of you!

And finally…


28. Visit the Tunnel of Love! If you do get the opportunity to be in the Tunnel of Love with your Valentine, for heaven’s sake put down the purse and the doggie bag and pucker up!!!


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