Easy and Delicious Heart Shaped Treats


Anyone can make heart shaped cookies, but why not use that cookie cutter on brownies and krispies treats?

Here’s something wonderful to whip up for your Valentine this year.  I know I’m going to make another couple of batches for the kids and probably my neighbors.  After all, who doesn’t want a sweet treat?  And, if you’d rather make them with your sweeties, they are very easy to do.


Start by following the directions on the brownie package or the Rice Krispies box to make a pan of treats.


Then, using heart shaped cookie cutters, cut out as many heart shaped treats as you can.


I had several sizes of cutters and that helped use the pans up without a ton of waste.  Although we all know what happens to the waste!!


Once the treats are cut out, you may have to neaten the edges by pressing the brownie or rice krispies together a bit.


Actually, the rice kripsies treats kept their shape a little better than the brownies.  But if you are interested in perfection, go ahead and pat the sides a bit!


The final step in the preparation is the decoration!  I added chocolate frosting and peppermint sprinkles to my brownies, and Matt stayed pure with white frosting for his krispy treats.  Be extra creative with yours by adding names or sentiments!

Don’t forget that even if they don’t come out looking fabulous….they definitely taste fabulous!

Shari & Matt

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