Best Ideas for Cleaning and Care of Tile Floors

Many years ago I purchased a home that is located on a lake.  The purpose of the home was to not only have a place that was serene and tranquil and give me a place to rest my head but it was also a place where my friends and family could come and visit and enjoy all the out of door activities.

One of the first projects that I did was to remove all the old carpet in the entry, kitchen and dining room.  As much as I love carpet, I knew that these areas were going to be heavily trafficked areas, and with sand from the lake and dirt from the touch football games being played, I knew I needed to keep the main areas lean and mean to keep clean…like that play on words.  Any ways, ceramic tile was my choice.

Now just because you have tile doesn’t mean you can just ignore the cleaning process, you just need to attack it differently than you would carpet.  If you are thinking of choosing Ceramic tile for your floors, you need to take care of your investment and your tile will give you years of beauty and durability.

So here are my tips to keep your tile floor looking great:


Sweep but don’t “beat” ceramic tile. It’s important to sweep a tile floor regularly. Dirt can adhere to the surface of tile, particularly styles with a textured surface. Regular sweeping loosens and removes most of this dirt. So keep a broom handing and get in the habit of a daily sweep.


Don’t forget those labor saving devices. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner to sweep, but be sure to use one without a beater bar to avoid dulling and scratching the tiles.


Minimize tracking in dirt.  Instill a no shoes policy; it is the first thing I tell my family and guest.  We keep a supply of slippers handy for those who have cold tootsies.


Be sure to use walk-off mats to minimize and contain dirt being tracked in at entryways. And shake them often (remember the ole rug beaters our Grandmas used!?) This reduces the amount of dirt being tracked across the tile floor, and reduces the wear to the finished surface.


Be fast with those paper towels. Try to clean up spills as quickly as possible so that the grout or tile doesn’t become stained.

While ceramic tile is considered very durable, it’s not indestructible and may crack or chip under extreme force. Take the proper precautions when moving heavy objects across your tile floor. Get a small army to help you move that grand piano.


If you are by yourself, use floor glides, I can’t say enough about these useful tools. Check out our video on how to move furniture, your back will thank you.

Cover furniture and table legs with protectors to guard your floor against damage.

Keeping Tile Looking Great!

One of our sponsors CWP Technologies has just the ticket to keep your tiles and grout clean with out a lot of back breaking cleaning on your hands and knees.

tile diamond 1

The Tile Diamond is the solution to all your tile floor cleaning needs.  This tool is flexible enough to clean hard to reach areas (like around the toilet…super gross in a lake house with tons of kids visiting).

The Tile Diamond System will also reduce the number of tools needed (big ole toothbrush and a mop) and cleaning chemicals (one chemical for both tile and grout).

The Tile Diamond will save time and money by utilizing one tool to clean both tile and grout in your home.

• The patented red diamond bristles pattern is designed to clean grout valleys
• Gray bristles are designed for cleaning both flat and uneven surfaces.
• The Tile Diamond is lightweight, durable and has customized telescopic handle
• 8 inch Cleaning head allows brush to work its way into tight corners.

When using the Tile Diamond, I recommend you use their Tile and Grout Cleaner and a Microfiber Floor Cleaning Towel.

tile grout 32Tile and Grout Cleaner

• Advance cleaning chemistry that is safe and restores the look of both tile and grout
• Leaves no residue upon wiping excess liquid with the Microfiber Floor Cleaning Towel.
• For use on all types of ceramic floor surfaces and will not harm adjoining carpet or wood fibers.

Microfiber Floor Cleaning Towel

towel wet 2

• Attaches quickly to Tile Diamond brush to absorb excess cleaning chemicals.
• Versatile cleaning towel which can be used for leaning dust, spills, pet hair and fine debris.

How to use the Tile Diamond

1. Remove loose soil and grime from the floor.

2. Pour Tile & Grout Cleaner directly on floor surface. (One 32oz bottle will effectively clean approximately 200 square feet.)

tile diamond 2

3. Use the Tile Diamond Brush to scrub product into surface
• The red diamond shaped bristles are for the grout
• Gray bristles clean the tile surface

4. Wipe excess chemical with Microfiber Floor Cleaning Towel

5. Allow surface to dry.

For more information on the Tile Diamond please visit CWP Technologies website at

Ceramic tile is beautiful, durable, practical and an elegant addition to any home.  It also offers a seemingly endless variety of style options – hundreds of textures, patterns and glazing’s in numerous sizes.  But like any flooring surface you need to protect your investment by taking the steps I outlined above to keep your tile floor looking a bright and clean as the day it was installed.

I love our tile floor, it is one area of the house that I never worry about spills or wear and tear, but I do keep up on it.  I sweep and clean weekly.  It is just part of the routine of the house.

For more maintenance information specific to your ceramic tile flooring, remember to consult the ceramic tile’s manufacturer recommendations.

Enjoy your tile and remember, take your shoes off!



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    Thanks for the tips for cleaning tile floors. I have always been used to wood floors, but my wife wants tile put in, so I am comparing the maintenance of the two. It sounds like typical maintenance is just sweeping or vacuuming, so that is pretty easy!

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