How to Easily Install a New Door Sweep

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I’m sitting watching the Cleveland Browns getting thumped by the Pittsburg Steelers.

I’m a Cleveland boy so it is quite discouraging to sit and watch.  (Ben Roethlisberger is from my home town – so I’m a closet fan) Anyways, I was sitting there thinking about all the things I could be getting done around the house….so I compromised.  I would do one project during half time.  That would give me approximately 15-20 minutes to get one project done.

So I decided that this week I would replace the door sweep on my front door. The sweep had been mangled beyond being able to function and was allowing a draft to come through the door as fast as the Browns allow the blitz to pour through their offensive line.

Here is the game plan, and your equipment….no need for shoulder pads, just a t-shirt and jeans for an official uniform.

Materials List:

New door sweep (they come in many sizes and types so by one that fits your door)
Utility knife
Cordless driver
Hack saw
Measure tape
Carpenters square.

Instructions:  Hut…HUT–HUT

photo 2

1. Remove the old sweep by first scoring the paint along the top edge of the sweep, use the utility knife for this part.  Stay sharp, this is critical play calling.

photo 3

2. Remove the screws from the old sweep using a cordless drill; don’t fumble around, your losing time.

photo 4

3. Remove the old sweep from the door….this is a power sweep move.

4. Remove any dirt or dust using a soft damp cloth.  No time out called, you have to move.

photo 5

5. Hold up the new sweep to the door and mark the length to be cut…use a pencil to make the mark.

photo 6

Now get moving to the shop, time is running and you’re up against your own goal line!

photo 7

6. Cut at the mark using a hack saw. Take your time to ensure a nice smooth cut.  If you have any rubber that needs to be cut use the utility knife.  Nice cuts – you’re wide open to move back to the door….no stopping at the refrig!

photo 8

7. Place the new sweep into position and drill pilot holes for the screws.  Don’t call an audible, this needs to be done, if you don’t you will be penalized for sure!

8. Drive in the new screws and secure the sweep into place.   Don’t let up you may have time to grab some cheese whiz and crackers if you move.

photo 10

9. Check to see if the door opens and closes properly, show off your work to your fans and return to the TV room for the rest of the game…..YEAH…GO TEAM!

If you stuck to the game plan, you should be able to tackle this project in 15 minutes or less.  This is a great way to get a few things done around the house when you only have a few minutes, and it’s a fun way to be a team player.

If you are a Browns fan like me, you saw that there was no reason to return to the game, so I went out and raked leaves…..but there’s always next week…..


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