6 Handy Storage Ideas for All Your Hobby Stuff


Storage is an issue even when you don’t have a hobby, so add to that all the “stuff” needed to really get involved in your favorite pasttime and look out…”stuff” overload. 

If you’ve been out shopping for storage containers, you know that the world of storage solutions has become huge.  There are plastic boxes, bins, sleeves and slots, fabric, tin and even woven basket versions just like the one we made fabric covers.

Well here are a few ideas for storing hobby materials and tools, as well as just about anything you need to store!  One of Matt’s favorites is a 5 gallon pail.  He uses them for carrying tools from his garage out to the yard. They can also be fantastic containers for hoses or even extension cords.  And I’ll tell you what; you can get a boatload of Christmas lights in one of those things if you are careful about wrapping them!


Not to be outdone, I grabbed a 5 gallon pail and a bucket liner and showed Matt that tools are one thing, but this idea works great for knitters as well! Just store needles, in pairs, with their points down for safety around the outside and balls of yarn, along with works in progress, inside the bucket.


Another thing Matt uses a lot in the shop is glass jars with lids.  He saw this idea years and years ago and neither one of us has seen much that tops it.  You take the lids off of the jars and attach them to a board that you mount above your work bench.  The jars then can be filled with nails, wood screws or whatever little items you need on a regular basis whose containers usually rip and fall apart before you are finished with the contents.


The great thing about this simple jar project is that it would work for hobbies too.  Just imagine, they could be filled with scrapbooking materials, or for sewers they could be filled with buttons and trims. The idea is extremely versatile.

If you have large items to store, go out and pick up a package of larger containers.


This is an especially cool jar for the shop. The top is a soft rubbery plastic that you squeeze to open.  It’s the perfect idea for fasteners and other small hardware items that have flimsy packages that won’t seal closed after opening.  Throw them away and fill up these non-spilling containers!


This isn’t by any means an original idea, but it’s worth mentioning.  Stacking plastic boxes work great for all sorts of hobbies like stamp collecting, jewelry making, counted cross stitch and much more. It’s the updated version of the fishing tackle box.


Matt tried to act like he has a cool plastic tackle box to use for hardware in the shop, but he couldn’t compete!


This is an adorable hobby carrier.  It’s small, perfect for beads and tiny scissors. I have a larger gardening bag that is a similar design that I use for carting all my watercolor materials to class.  You just never know what you might find if you keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities.

Now hopefully these ideas will get those creative juices and flowing and you’ll be writing to us with all the cool storage solutions that you use….…around the house!!


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