Construct a Fun Flying Flamingo for a Porch

photo 1

It can be any type of bird you like I guess, but my mom wanted a flying flamingo – so I made her one!

Actually, my mom dropped off a sick bird a while back hoping that I could bring it back to life.  I really had a hard time deciding whether to put it out of its misery or give it my best to try to revive it.  Well after looking into my Mom’s eyes (bring up the violins) I grabbed a sheet of luann plywood and my pencil and started the process of giving this old bird new wings.

photo 1a

This flying flamingo is a great project for a hanging mobile that can be flown indoors or out.  I had the old bird as a template, but go online and find the type of bird you’d like to create and free hand draw your own flock of birds!

Materials List:

  • Luann plywood (1/8” thick)
  • Pencil
  • Scroll saw or jig saw with scroll blade
  • Palm sander
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Cordless drill/drill bits
  • Fishing line
  • Hand saw
  • ½ inch wooden dowel


photo 3

1. As you can see from this photo I needed to lay out the design first, so I placed the bird on a sheet of 1/8” Luann plywood.  I used a piece of double stick tape on the back to hold it in place.

photo 5

2. Trace around the template, making sure that you make a heavy enough line to be visible. This will be your cutting line.

photo 6

3. Cut out the shape, I used my table top scroll saw, but a jig saw with a scroll blade will work just as well  * Note Blade Guard is up for Photo purposes, make sure guard is down while using saw.

photo 7

4. Sand all the pieces smooth. A palm sander makes quick work of removing pencil marks.

photo 9

5. For delicate areas use a piece of 220 grit sandpaper, make sure to sand in between curves and crevices.

photo 10

6. The pieces of the bird are attached to each other using fishing line.

photo 11

On the template I have located the placement of the holes that the line will be run through.

If you have a Vice, securing the pieces for this process really helps out.  There are several table top models that are easy to install, check out your home center or local hardware store.

photo 12

7. Locate the holes on the plywood pieces and drill pilot holes large enough to thread the fishing line through.

photo 13

8. Tread the line through, looping around several times and knot the line.

photo 14

9. Secure both wings to the body of the bird; it will look like this photo once finished.

photo 15

10. To hang the bird, holes are drilled through the wings (as located on template) and the fishing line is threaded through the wings.

photo 16

11. Cut a 12 inch length of ½ inch wooden dowel using a small hand saw.

photo 17

12. Drill pilot holes in both ends of the dowel.

13. Thread the line through the wings up into the wooden dowel.  Use duct tape to level the line on the wooden dowel.  Run the wire up to a hanging hook and tie off.

photo 18


You will have to slide the wooden dowel up and down the line until you level off the hanging bird.  Once you reach level, use the tape to secure the line and wooden dowel in place.  (Metal clips can be purchased to replace the tape)


photo 19

Once the project is finished you can paint your winged friend with any latex paint.  I gave that task to my Mom, and as you can see, it turned out great.

Enjoy the project, and if you do come up with your own design, send us a photo so we can share with everyone.



    • Shari Hiller says

      You aren’t the only person looking for the template. It didn’t come over when we updated our site and we’ve been looking for it ever since. Check back in a bit to see if we’ve uncovered it.

  1. Ron says

    I did a flamingo but didn’t see where to look at your template I have do others as well and we’ll they say pigs don’t fly they do now I have made a template for. Mine have to put together but can add pic .

    • Shari Hiller says

      Hey Ron, We are having trouble finding our template. I should just tell people to hand draw it. I would love to see your flying pig! Send a photo and I’ll put it up on the site!! Shari

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